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Why Rey Met Poe Dameron TWICE

Everyone knows that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – hence my ever-decreasing subscriber count. Yet in the galaxy far, far away, it seems as if you can meet the exact same person over and over again. What I mean by this is that Rey’s introduction to Poe Dameron aboard the Millennium Falcon near the climax of The Last Jedi was in fact their second encounter. So for anyone who found it bizarre that two of the new trilogy’s greatest heroes were still foreign to one another following The Force Awakens – well, this video is definitely for you. Here is why Rey and Poe Dameron met twice!

While great for recapping the saga’s latest cinematic instalments in written form, exposing various deleted scenes, and adding further depth to iconic moments and sequences, there appears to be some rather murky water when it comes to novelisations and Star Wars canon. For example, J.J. Abrams initially intended to capture the meeting between Rey and Poe Dameron in The Force Awakens. However, as Lucasfilm story group member Pablo Hidalgo describes, their awkward embrace on D’Qar was ultimately left on the cutting room floor:

“Their meeting was cut from TFA. It made the novel, but novels end up having abandoned threads like that. Which is why when asked if novelisations are canon, I say that those are always tricky since they’re written before the movie is done by someone who hasn’t seen it.”

The scene Pablo is referring to here occurs on page 257 of the novelisation of Star Wars: Episode VII, written by Alan Dean Foster. And while it stands as a seemingly average paragraph of text, it captures an iconic moment in time that would later inspire Rian Johnson:

“Cheers and spontaneous embraces filled the room with so much joy that no one paid any attention to who was hugging what representative of whichever species. Rey and Poe were not excluded, though their sudden, tight clinch of shared excitement led to a moment of mutual awkwardness.

‘Uh, hi,’ the pilot mumbled. ‘I’m Poe.’

She nodded slowly, searching his face and finding that she liked it.

‘I recognise the name. So you’re Poe. Poe Dameron, the X-wing pilot. I’m Rey.’

‘I know.’ He smiled back, a little more at ease. ‘Nice to meet you.’”

So now that we know the details of this deleted scene, and the fact novelisations are not one-hundred percent canon, let’s try to uncover why exactly Rian Johnson chose to recreate Poe Dameron and Rey’s introduction. Firstly, only a small portion of the Star Wars fanbase actually read the various novels and comics when compared to the droves of moviegoers who check out each of the cinematic instalments. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, a meeting between two principal characters was just too monumental to not recreate on the silver screen – even if it did somewhat break continuity.

So there is an in depth look at why exactly Rey and Poe Dameron met in both the novelisation of The Force Awakens and nearing the climax of The Last Jedi. Let me know your opinion on seemingly bending the rules of canon for storytelling purposes, as well as which of the two scenes you prefer, by leaving a comment down below.

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