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3 Reasons Why Jango Fett Wanted an Unaltered Clone For Himself

From the outside looking in, Jango Fett was nothing more than a cold-blooded mercenary who would fulfill almost any task so long as the price was right – meaning that his loyalty was constantly changing and could be bought rather easily. But when Count Dooku offered him the chance to become the genetic template of all clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic, Fett wanted something much more than a mere five million credits: a son. So why would a seemingly callous and ruthless bounty hunter jump at the opportunity to raise a child? Well, let's find out!

Number 03. Jango's Soft Side

Those who knew Jango as someone much more than a masked bounty hunter came to realise his “soft” side. Sure, his methods were calculated and rather brutal, but he always changed his demeanour around the few people he actually cared for. In fact, at least according to Star Wars Legends, Fett learned everything he knew from his surrogate father, Jaster Mereel. He even vowed to continue the Mandalorian's legacy when the time was right. So perhaps Jango sought to one day raise his own child as a means of escaping the harsh realities of bounty hunting and the Clone Wars. Or, maybe he wanted to become a father unlike the one who had left him all alone in the universe – granting Boba the very same childhood he nearly missed out on.

Number 02. Finding an Equal

Despite the fact he was a loner who preferred to work in isolation, we know that Jango had at least one heterosexual relationship – if we, again, stick to information from Star Wars Legends. So it is possible that he one day sought to produce offspring with a suitable partner. Unfortunately, he and Sheeka Tull departed one another following a pirate raid on their ship. They never reconnected. This tragic turn of events drastically misshaped the mercenary's outlook on life. In his mind, having formed only short-term relationships, he would live alone for the rest of his days. Also, finding an equal as a badass bounty hunter must have been no easy feat. You could argue, as a result, that Jango always had the idea in the back of his mind to reproduce – he just needed an opportunity to do so...

Number 01. Building a Legacy

When approached by Count Dooku to become the genetic template of all clone soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, Fett requested an unaltered being for himself. He refused to reveal exactly why, but given Dooku's pitch – which included the chance of “immortality” - it's not difficult to read between the lines. At the end of the day, Jango wanted someone to carry on the Mandalorian culture and ways, just as he did with Jaster Mereel. I mean, it had to be with good reason that he often referred to Boba as “Jaster's Legacy”. It's also rather telling that he only ever grew attached to his child, seeing every other clone as nothing more than extensions of yet another contract. So without a father, mother, or any siblings, Boba truly became the heir to Jango's throne...

So there are a few reasons as to why Jango Fett wanted an unaltered clone for himself. But now I want to hear from you! Which bounty hunter do you think was greater, Jango – or his son, Boba? Let me know in the comments below! Personally, I'm more of a Boba fan, but that could just be the nostalgia of The Empire Strikes Back talking.

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