• Mattie Stu

When Leia Organa Encountered Darth Maul

Star Wars Legends is something of a fiend when it comes to connecting the prequel and original trilogies, allowing a bond to occur between characters belonging to entirely different eras. So if I were to tell you that Leia Organa and Darth Maul once encountered one another on Naboo, you would probably just assume it was a tale from the former Expanded Universe. However, this very event did happen – and it's most definitely canon! Here's how...

Only twenty days following the Battle of Endor, Mon Mothma dispatched two of her most trusty agents on a diplomatic mission to Naboo. She hoped that both Leia Organa and Lieutenant Shara Bey – the mother of Poe Dameron, no less – could recruit the assistance of Queen Sosha Soruna in restoring the Galactic Senate. Unfortunately, neither individual was fully aware of the dangers that lay ahead – nor could they foresee the drastic and do-or-die actions of their enemy. So when the Galactic Empire initiated Operation: Cinder, Leia and Shara were left with little other choice than to call for reinforcements and muster what was left of Naboo's planetary defences. Such desperation left them manning the very same N-1 starfighters that served during the Battle of Naboo some thirty years prior. But before they took to the skies, Organa sensed a very dark presence in the hangar of Theed Royal Palace. She immediately felt cold and unsettled. It was like a rush of haunting air had just been unleashed from a dormant state. Little did Leia know that her subconscious use of the Force had sensed the remnants of Darth Maul's dark side power – which had somehow outlived his lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn...

So, what happened next, I hear you ask? Well, Leia and Shara began work destroying TIE fighters and the Empire's weather-altering satellites alike. And this is more or less where the fifth and sixth missions of Star Wars Battlefront II kick in. I know, I know – I just mentioned the game that shall not be named. I apologise. Anyway, be sure to leave your opinion of this 'spiritual' and nostalgic encounter with Darth Maul, as well as your general opinion of Leia using Force powers, by leaving a comment down below!

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