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Who Would Be on the Star Wars Mount Rushmore?

Hello everyone, my name is Noel, and welcome to a brand new series I'm calling No Filter. Contrary to the title, it's not about Snapchat or something, but instead will be a series where I tackle topics from the Star Wars universe, answer viewer questions and much, much more, all without the use of a script. Seriously, I only have a picture of Darth Vader twerking in front of me right now, and I wish that was a lie! He has some surprisingly nice buns, I will tell you that much. Anyway, today I will be tackling the Mount Rushmore of Star Wars. Now, I'm sure most of you out there will already know what I mean by that, but in case there are some of you who don't, let me explain myself. So Mount Rushmore, you know, it's the big monument thing with the faces of four pretty influential dudes... It's the somewhat large stone sculpture on the side of some hills somewhere... Yeah, I'm not the best at describing things, but I will give you an example to make life a little easier for us all.

If the WWE had a 'Mount Rushmore', for example, then you would most likely see the four faces of Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena. Of course, some of you out there will already be looking to debate with me. I can just see it now: “Uh, TheCanricarezens – if that's even your real name – where is the Master of Pain? He was so good back in Memphis!” Look, I don't know okay, it's just four people who either defined an era or have proven invaluable to the subject in question. So with that in mind, I will now present you all with two Star Wars Mount Rushmores: one for characters within the universe, and one for influential personnel behind the camera, so to speak.

First up, let's take a look at the four character who define Star Wars. And by that I mean, the Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters and much more from the main saga films. I'm not going to delve into the Expanded Universe because that's a massive can of worms that could spark a war in the comments below. So don't expect to see the likes of Darth Revan and Grand Admiral Thrawn on this particular list. But without any further ado, the first name on my personal list is none other than:

- Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

- Luke Skywalker

- Obi-Wan Kenobi

- Rey

Moving onto the personnel behind the scenes who helped shaped Star Wars into the formidable franchise we all know it today, and how could I not mention this man straight off the bat?

- George Lucas

- Marcia Lucas

- Irvin Kershner

- Ralph McQuarrie

So there we have it for episode one of this brand new series, which I have aptly titled No Filter. Again it has nothing to do with Snapchat! Let's just make that abundantly clear. Let me know whether you agree with my picks for the two Star Wars Mount Rushmores. And if not, feel free to suggest other names in the comments below. If you enjoyed today's video, be sure to leave a like. To help out the channel that little bit extra, please do consider pledging to our Patreon page. And for weekly unfiltered content, press that subscribe button and notification bell to keep it locked here to TheCancrizans!

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