• Mattie Stu

Mudtroopers – Solo: A Star Wars Story Lore #2

Following the conclusion of the Clone Wars, many of those who took up arms as members of local planetary forces were conscripted into the Imperial Army. And while stormtroopers would later dominate battlefields across the galaxy, regular infantry personnel were something of a common sight early into the Galactic Empire's reign. So much so that mudtroopers – more formally known as Imperial swamp troopers – were specifically assigned to planets renown for their “difficult” conditions. For example, the 224th Imperial Armoured Division were dispatched to Mimban as a means of pacifying the native species. Yet unlike their Mud Jumper predecessors, who had previously served on the hostile world throughout the troublesome years of the Clone Wars, the 224th were merely tasked with protecting the Empire's mining operations.

Despite its technological superiority, the Empire knew it simply could not underestimate the Mimbanese natives. With that in mind – and given the overwhelming odds of death through either trench foot, dehydration, water contamination, or airborne fungal spores – mudtroopers were equipped with modern partial armour, sealed undersuits, boots to resist moisture, and flared helmets with built-in respirators. Of course, medics within the 224th Division were kitted with additional equipment and materials. But that's not to say – despite their duty to aid those injured on the battlefield – that they had any qualms about gunning down enemy personnel. In fact, Imperial interpretations of medical oaths fully justified such harmful behaviour – in that one could only extend a helping hand to a fellow member of his or her species.

Given their assortment of conscripted soldiers, the 224th Imperial Armoured Division were more or less a band of misfits whose chequered histories made them all rather unique. Take these five names, for example:

Corporal Danith Nodar – a Carida Academy graduate who was rotated out to Mimban for insubordination. This very punishment often had her expel her frustrations upon the Mimbanese. And while her superiors seemed to enjoy her fiery nature and ferocity in combat, her squadmates certainly did not.

Corporal Wesger Odry – having faced the horrors of the Clone Wars first-hand – a conflict which devastated his home planet – Odry signed up for Imperial service with hopes of exploring the galaxy.

Private Collum Woslo – a brawler in and out of his class in Myomar Academy, whose troublemaking tendencies led him down a path of terrible assignments.

Corporal Sharlu Greslin – unable to afford tuition fees to attend Shey Tapani University, Greslin toured Mimban twice in return for a military scholarship.

And, last but not least...

Corporal Han Solo – ejected from the Imperial Academy for one too many transgressions – despite his exceptional piloting skills – Solo was transferred to the infantry where he continued to upset his superiors. But rather than waste the money invested to train him as a cadet, the Galactic Empire had no other choice but to begrudgingly accept his “erratic” record...

Having said all of that, it's safe to say mudtroopers faced a rather difficult and troublesome life. But what soldiers do you prefer: them, or their Mud Jumper predecessors? Let me know in the comments below!

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