• Mattie Stu

Range Troopers – Solo: A Star Wars Story Lore #5

Introduced to directly address the Galactic Empire's territorial expansion of remote and rugged worlds, range stormtroopers were known as some of the hardiest soldiers in the Imperial army. So much so that they operated in even the harshest of living conditions without support or comforts. And on the rare occasion they interacted with other branches of the Imperial military, each member would often make intimidating remarks on those they viewed as “softer” amateurs. Unsurprisingly, range trooper gear largely differed from that of regular infantry personnel. For example, their helmets featured larger, tougher components that were easier to mend and repair. Likewise, range troopers carried modified E-10R blaster rifles as opposed to the standard E-11 variant. This very model accounted for enhanced electroscope optics and stabiliser add-ons, not to mention a far greater rigidity.

On the frosty and desolate world of Vandor, range troopers were specifically tasked with protecting the conveyex line. Of course – given the difficult wintry conditions and strong gusts of wind – maintaining visual and technological contact with the heavily armoured vehicles was no easy feat. Nevertheless, the duties of surveillance and security predominantly fell upon the shoulders of the on-board range troopers. But that's not to say their efforts weren't aided elsewhere. For example, trackbound sensors provided some data to the Imperial Depository, while 11-3K viper probe droids scouted stretches of track closer to the vault. Due to the Empire's persistence on good time-keeping, however, the conveyex continued forth through inspection of suspicious activity. And so, range troopers were made to equip heavy duty magnetomic gription boots as they emerged from their passenger cars – all at speeds of 90 kilometres per hour.

Having said all of that, whether or not range troopers made much more of an impact in combat when compared to their more basic counterparts – well, that's up to one's own judgement. So feel free to let me know which stormtrooper variant you particularly enjoy by leaving a comment down below.

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