• Mattie Stu

How Chewbacca Was Imprisoned by the Empire – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story – whilst drawing inspiration from the Legends timeline – largely altered the backstory of its title character. And as a result, Han's initial encounter with Chewbacca was given its own unique twist. But why was the illustrious co-pilot-to-be locked up in an Imperial prison in the first place? Well, let's find out!

Taken from their homeworld and torn apart from their tribes, Wookiees were transported to distant star systems by the Galactic Empire for use as slave labour. But that's not to say every single member of the species faced such a fate. For example, Chewbacca managed to evade the clutches of Imperial cruelty – using his brief tenure as a fugitive to locate his scattered people. I say briefly due to the fact a greedy bounty hunter once more ensured his place as a prisoner of the Empire. Unfortunately, the local Imperial officers on Mimban lacked the necessary funds and inclination to process the colossal “beast” for transportation back to Kashyyyk. As a result, the commanders of Camp Forward oversaw the conversion of an abandoned ammo dump into a makeshift prison for Chewbacca.

Standing watch atop the cell full of foul, thick mud – thanks to rain tarps that were relocated elsewhere – guards would taunt Chewbacca by throwing down scraps of food. Such savagery, combined with a drive to one day reunite with his tribe, saw him harbour a deep loyalty to the ragtag group responsible for his freedom. Unfortunately, Tobias Beckett, Han Solo and company were unable to replace Chewbacca's traditional bowcaster and bandolier. But they were able to supply the 190-year-old with some worthy substitutes – mainly a scattershot blaster and an accompanying ammo harness.

Outwith Imperial imprisonment, Chewbacca rarely looked back upon the betrayal that directly resulted in his capture. In saying that, however, I'm rather confident we will one day explore this specific incident in a future comic or novel. Until then, be sure to keep it locked here to TheCancrizans for all things Chewbacca and Han Solo.

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