• Mattie Stu

Patrol Stormtroopers – Solo: A Star Wars Story Lore #6

Amidst sprawling cities and industrial areas found on worlds such as Corellia, specialist stormtroopers served to police the Galactic Empire's most valued assets. As a result, the shipyards of Coronet were certainly no stranger to increased local law enforcement, such as patrol troopers.

More akin to that of scout troopers – their wilderness-based counterparts – patrol trooper armour offered a greater deal of flexibility than the full body suits worn by stormtroopers. But what truly set them apart was their enlarged “domes”. Featuring enhanced imaging electronics that directly connected to their headquarters, patrol trooper helmets received almost-real time data on traffic, construction and other city obstacles. To further aid navigation in congested environments, however, each officer operated the blocky yet powerful Aratech C-PH. This enlarged speeder bike was essentially built to withstand high-speed collisions. It also bolstered sophisticated electronics to keep its rider aware of incoming traffic. And while the C-PH lacked the outrigger steering vanes found on most other speeders, it utilised a forward-facing bank of repulsorfield vector guides for maneuvering.

Having said all of that, patrol troopers were much more valuable to the Empire and its cause than regular police officers. But how do you think they compare to the other stormtrooper variants introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story? Let me know in the comments below!

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