• Mattie Stu

Why Lando Calrissian Wanted to RETIRE From Smuggling

Ever smooth and most definitely sophisticated, Lando Calrissian was known to have smuggled his way past the Galactic Empire on many an occasion. And while he chose to carry a stylish BlasTech SE-14r blaster – which was plated in brushed chromium and fitted with a Tibrin mother-of-pearl handle – he utilised his skills as a schemer, storyteller and con artist to avoid physical exertion. In fact, so naturally non-violent was Calrissian that he often contemplated retiring from smuggling. Instead, he announced his intentions to become a full-time gambler, working his way around the galaxy from card game to card game as a professional “sportsman”. Of course, many came to doubt the authenticity of such a plan – knowing all too well that a clever bluff would only heighten demand for his services. But with a knack for outsmarting and out-cheating his opponents, having studied more than 80 variants of sabacc, it wasn't difficult to imagine Lando in pursuit of an early retirement.

Having paid off his debts following a hair-raising smuggling run from Felucia, Lando utilised his downtime to record the Calrissian Chronicles. This collection of self-narrated accounts detailed each of his colourful escapades, such as his adventures in the Rafa system and an encounter with the Mindharp of Sharu. And while he aspired to make an entire trilogy, depending on sales, Lando also used his far-ranging expeditions to purchase a variety of dashing outfits. In a walk-in closet attached to his personal quarters aboard the Millennium Falcon was where he stored such finery. But despite the many fashionable trousers, boots and tops that tickled his fancy over the years, not one item of clothing could quite compare to his signature piece: capes. So much so that he considered them the final wrapping on a priceless gift to the galaxy – that being himself, of course...

Whether it be in his Ottegan fibrion scarf or bespoke cape tailored on a subtropical moon in the Oseon belt, Lando Calrissian sure disregarded practicality when choosing an outfit. But that's not to say he was an inexperienced fighter – nor was he some kind of pushover. So, with that in mind, how do you rank his combat abilities compared to the likes of Han Solo? Let me know in the comments below!

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