• Mattie Stu

Why General Hux KILLED His Father

Responsible for the deaths of billions, due to his role in the destruction of the Hosnian system, Armitage Hux operated at a level far greater than his title seemed to suggest. In fact, his direct access to Supreme Leader Snoke alone should have awarded him a rank greater than “general”. So when the up-and-coming officer was refused a promotion to “grand marshal”, he found it difficult to contain his anger and sheer disgust. I mean, this was a man who craved power above all else. So much so that he eliminated enemies and would-be foes alike if they became too dangerous. Armitage even quietly dispatched his own father as a means of climbing the First Order hierarchy, despite the fact it was General Brendol Hux's elevated position that afforded his son a childhood of great privilege.

Unsurprisingly, General Hux also harboured a deep hatred for Snoke's apprentice, Kylo Ren. Taking pleasure in his many failures, such as his defeat to a lightsaber-wielding novice on Starkiller Base, Armitage wished nothing but misfortune upon his closest rival. He even went as far as to highlight Ren's various mishaps by developing new bits of terrifying tech. Such one-upmanship led Hux down a path of discovery dating back to the Tarkin Initiative, a secret Imperial think tank that explored hyperspace tracking in its infancy. By endlessly working his engineers both day and night, the First Order higher-up ensured such a theory became reality – thus eliminating any chance of a Resistance escape from the Ileenium system.

Often sipping upon his favourite beverage, bitter Tarine tea, Armitage commanded his hand-picked officers with ruthless efficiency. For example, if Captain Tritt Opan failed to remain tight-lipped about doing Hux's dirty work – that being assassination and sabotage – he would face dire, if not fatal consequences. This, combined with a vision of superior technology, precise conquest and the methodical deployment of forces made him a formidable foe. But which First Order antagonist do you prefer: Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, or General Hux himself? Let me know in the comments below!

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