• Mattie Stu

EVERY Modification Lando Calrissian Made to the Millennium Falcon

Having hauled cargo in some of the galaxy's busiest spacelanes, Lando Calrissian knew that if the Millennium Falcon and its freight-pushing engines were converted, it could become one hell of a speedy sports vessel. He was even willing to look beyond its crude exterior in favour of the soaring potential waiting to be unleashed. So, after two years of customisation, the smug gambler was all too willing to unveil his highly-customised crowning achievement...

Finished in hue alabaster-7791, with crys-anoblue-7255 highlights, Lando Calrissian personally oversaw the skinning of the form-fitted shell of durasteel. The new streamlined body not only assisted in quick getaways, but its smooth surface also boosted the vessel's jamming signal transmissions. Speaking of which, its main sensor rectenna processed data to assess both the Millennium Falcon and its surroundings – doing so through passive electromagnetic gathering surfaces and active-bounce signals. But what truly made the craft perfect for daring smuggling runs was its deceptive lift/mass ratio. By covering the Falcon's most utilitarian, cargo-loading features, Calrissian presented a stylish but rather unassuming freighter. Moreover, its interior forward compartment – which housed a lounge for the ship's crew – included a drinks bar, holotable and sound system.

Further separating the Millennium Falcon from its fellow YT-1300 freighters, Calrissian modified the craft's two frontal cargo mandibles into an auxiliary ship launch. And at its rear, he installed a bank of Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines with seven dedicated fuel distribution lines. This allowed for precise control of acceleration and maneuvering. Even more impressive than that, however, was its in-built Isu-Sim SSPO5 hyperdrive, which was perfectly synchronised to the Microaxial HyD nav computer and boosted by L3-37's unparalleled navigational systems. Finally, with an atmospheric speed of 745 miles per hour, a radioactive liquid metal fuel reacted explosively inside the Falcon's sublight engine chambers, creating an enormous forward thrust.

So there we have it: every modification Lando Calrissian made to his beloved Millennium Falcon. But which variation of the classic craft do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

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