• Mattie Stu

Imperial Emigration Officers – Solo: A Star Wars Story Lore #7

Found on heavily populated worlds such as Corellia, emigration officers typically cocooned themselves in armoured enclosures – all of which were fitted with blast-proof transparisteel partitions, retractable storage drawers, and panic buttons to alert nearby stormtroopers. This allowed them to easily process travellers, safely transfer physical objects, and quickly eliminate any “difficulties”. And while emigration officers rarely equipped themselves with weapons of any kind, their MerenData IDCA-22 datapads – which were directly linked to the Imperial Enforcement DataCore – provided information on known criminals and suspects.

Whilst many within the civilian agency simply transitioned themselves from CorSec during the rise of the Galactic Empire – officers such as Keela Hevis and Loru Denholt – most others were merely locals who were granted training, equipment and military-esque uniforms. In saying that, however, emigration officers on Corellia were still technically part of the local security agency. And with a direct link to its surveillance branch, they were also considered an asset of the Imperial Security Bureau.

One of the most recognisable and perhaps prestigious security agents had to be L.T.S.O Falthina Sharest. Such high esteem, combined with her role as Lead Transport Security Officer, should have made her an admirable figure. But in reality, Sharest abused her position of power on many an occasion. With a workday ever-increasing in length but not pay, for example, she often confiscated contraband to resell on the black market. And while years of experience allowed her to mask each and every “transaction”, underlings with even the slightest suspicion of her shady behaviour were swiftly transferred to other terminals.

Having said all of that, emigration officers were just as cruel and untrustworthy as those higher up in the Imperial hierarchy. But how do you think they compare to other security agents within the Galactic Empire? Let me know in the comments below.

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