• Mattie Stu

How Captain Phasma JOINED the First Order...

Growing up in the wilds of Parnassos – a harsh planet known for its unforgiving terrain and turbulent weather – Captain Phasma and her tribe lived a merciless kill-or-be-killed existence. So when the First Order visited their dwelling in the jagged rocks of the Scyre, she quickly pledged her loyalty to the off-worlders so to escape her harsh life. As a result, Phasma was used as a symbol of what the regime could offer, since she was a native of a primitive world who was “tamed” and “civilised” with modern methods and technology. Yet it was both her treachery and selfishness that truly reflected the principles of the First Order – a facade only the most famous stormtrooper turncoat ever, FN-2187, could apparently see through. Angered to no end by this, Phasma longed for the day she could destroy her former underling once and for all.

Despite abandoning her people to become a high-tech soldier, Phasma's skills with traditional melee weapons were a marker of her primitive past. For example, the captain wielded a quicksilver baton with deadly efficiency. The durable cylinder, which was made from a collapsible micromesh matrix held in place by a containment field, condensed down to a small rod when not in use. But that's not to say she rarely ever equipped a specialised E-11 blaster rifle or a customised SE-44C blaster pistol. As for her armour – well, her durable plates of chromium were salvaged from the Imperial yacht belonging to Brendol Hux, a key architect of the First Order. Her helmet, which was modified to give her the edge in combat, made use of an upgraded integral MFTAS. Active behind Phasma's tempered and polarised lenses, the Multi-Frequency Targetting Acquisition System cut through low light and atmospheric interference. More importantly than that, however – as it allowed her to dissolve the door of Starkiller Base's trash compactor – Phasma persistently carried a magnetic bottle of cyrothoric acid.

Despite her unique armour and unparalleled skills with ranged and melee weapons alike, it was Captain Phasma's loyalty to her very own survival that saw her climb the ranks of the First Order. But what role would you have awarded her amidst the Galactic Empire hierarchy, bearing in mind she was a commander of legions of stormtroopers? Let me know in the comments below.

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