• Mattie Stu

Y-45 Armoured Transport Haulers – Star Wars Lore

Primarily used for the swift deployment of armoured walker vehicles, AT-haulers were specialised starships with powerful engines and heavy-duty cargo lifter arms – the latter of which were backed by banks of repulsorlift generators to provide both thrust and lift, and made use of magnetic clamps on their underside to lock around cargo. Further stability was provided by energised tensile strength fields that radiated through each arm – not to mention strong, Steelton-manufactured cable ties and winches. Of course, as a means of preserving precious space in hangar bays and landing fields, Y-45 Armoured Transport Haulers angled their massive arms skyward when not in use. Because of this, each craft mirrored the Galactic Empire's favoured line of shuttles from Sienar Fleet Systems.

Operated solely by a pilot and co-pilot – both of whom managed its flight and cargo-lifting processes – an AT-hauler's systems were largely automated. For example, their navicomputers contained only a select group of Imperial outposts as pre-calculated hyperspace jump destinations. By doing so, the Empire mistakenly hoped to deter thieves and bandits alike.

Having said all of that, AT-haulers found themselves being gradually phased out for lighter, more versatile transports – despite their very nature as upgrades on Clone Wars-era carriers. But which Imperial vehicle, space or otherwise, is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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