• Mattie Stu

First Order Executioner Troopers – Star Wars Lore

Hosting regular public executions to discourage treason and disloyalty, the First Order drew not from a specialist infantry unit to carry out such a deed, but rather regular stormtrooper personnel – at least according to their daily schedule. But unlike standard stormtrooper gear, executioner troopers donned custom-marked and carbon-finished armour. Moreover, any form of identification – i.e serial numbers – were completely removed from the helmet displays of all but their commanding officer. Complete anonymity to one side, however, the willingness to carry out capital punishment without hesitation was viewed as a mark of effective stormtrooper training. As for the somewhat unnecessary laser axes – well, they simply added to the theatricality of the First Order. Each powered hand weapon did pack a punch, admittedly, and made use of razor-sharp energy ribbons – all of which extended from a quartet of collapsible claws...

From gunning down innocent villagers to beheading friends and fellow squadmates alike, not to mention indoctrination from an early age, those donning the classic white armour sure went through their fair share of hardships. But which specialist First Order stormtrooper do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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