• Mattie Stu

How Luke Skywalker REBUILT and DESTROYED the Jedi Order...

From the galaxy's greatest hero to the galaxy's greatest failure... To say Luke Skywalker lived a troublesome life following the events of the original trilogy would be a massive understatement. But what exactly went wrong? How did he both rebuild and destroy the Jedi Order? Well, let's find out!

A Path of Discovery Hoping to learn from the mistakes of his predecessors, Luke Skywalker chose to travel the galaxy in search of rare and invaluable relics. He even managed to uncover seemingly lost scriptures containing ancient Jedi wisdom and abilities. But perhaps his greatest find – if not a star compass once belonging to Emperor Palpatine, one he antiquated from an observatory on Pillio – happened to be the cyclical nature of conflict between good and evil – something that would later influence his self-imposed exile.

Rebuilding an Ancient Order Deciding it was best to train his sister in the ways of the Force, Skywalker intended on making Leia his first ever student. But given her dedication to both politics and family life, the senator chose to pursue a very different path. Instead, during his lengthy journey, Luke gathered a group of disciples who would later become his first true students.

Flames of Failure With the confidence needed to rebuild the Jedi Order, having spent years understanding much about himself and his destiny, Skywalker began to pass on all of what the Galactic Empire tried so hard to eradicate. But despite his years of preparation and many precautions, nothing could quite prepare him for the influence of Supreme Leader Snoke – particularly on the young and impressionable mind of Ben Solo. Even before confronting his powerful nephew, Skywalker knew it was already too late. Yet he simply could not strike the Jedi down where he slept. Solo, however, had no qualms about leaving his uncle for dead and eliminating every single Jedi initiate within the isolated training temple.

Isolation Awakening to much more than fire and smoke, Skywalker's sheer regret and dismay saw him vanish from galactic view. So by studying the spread of uneti saplings – a rare type of Force-sensitive tree – he isolated himself on the watery world of Ahch-To, home of the first ever Jedi Temple. From there, Skywalker severed his connection to the Force and hoped to live the rest of his days much like his early life on Tatooine. That was until his daily chores were disrupted by the arrival of Rey...

Despite his best attempts to abandon both the Jedi and Resistance, Luke Skywalker's ultimate destiny led him – or at least a projection of himself – to the salty plains of Crait, where he faced off once and for all with the formerly known Ben Solo. Whether or not he chose to later return as a Force ghost – well, we'll just have to wait until Star Wars: Episode IX to find out. So, with that in mind, would you like to see the character return in the third and final instalment of the sequel trilogy? Let me know in the comments below!

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