• Mattie Stu

The Mimbanese – Star Wars Lore

Largely ignored by neighbouring worlds throughout its early history, given its uncivilised and wild nature, Mimban possessed rare and invaluable minerals. It was also home to several intelligent species, including the aggressive and intensely hostile Mimbanese. So when the Galactic Empire began to harvest such “super-heavy” elements, using dangerous energy mining techniques to do so, the subterranean natives decided to fight back. So much so that even in the face of a destabilised climate, the destruction of hectares of rainforest, and a spread of seemingly endless thick mud as far as the eye could see, the Mimbanese called upon their triumph in the Clone Wars to repel legions of stormtroopers. Yet they continued to wield the very same weapons supplied by the 224th Division of the Grand Army of the Republic – at least until each blaster and vibrobayonet completely fell apart.

Having successfully repelled the invading Separatist forces some twelve years prior, the Mimbanese hoped to destroy their Imperial adversaries from the ground up – literally! By covering their bright red skin and traditional crimson garments with dried sedge grass, the species concealed themselves in sparse underbrush. And by powering through the mud and clay of the battlefield – all thanks to powerful limbs which failed to tire and unblinking eyes that biologically adapted to low light conditions – they were able to launch deadly ambushes from the wastes below. Such dreaded tactics, when combined with the ruthless, never-say-die attitude of soldiers like Iasento – the leader of a Mimbanese tribe in the Nanth flatlands – made the Mimbanese tough opponents, to say the very least. But which Star Wars species do you think is the most fearsome and aggressive? Let me know in the comments below!

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