• Mattie Stu

Tosche Station – Star Wars Lore

Located outside Anchorhead, Tosche Station supplied moisture farmers with most of the inexpensive energy required to run of their households and vaporators. This was generated by an underground distributor coil, which made use of antistatic “roots” to prevent theft. It was also known to recharge landspeeders and repulsorlift vehicles, whilst providing space to buy parts and repair the likes of skyhoppers. For example, Laze “Fixer” Loneozner used both an outbuilding and his mechanical skills to fix up battered machinery. There, with hopes of selling the final product to a pilot in Mos Espa, he began assembling a podracer from spare parts. Thanks to a vastly inflated price, a lavish wedding for himself and his girlfriend, Camie, seemed almost inevitable. But in saying that, Loneozner only ever operated the remote workshop, for its owner – Merl Tosche – rarely visited due to the infrequency of customers. Because of this, Luke Skywalker grasped any opportunity he could to visit the station, where he would often talk and tinker alongside his budding friends. He was even known to play a few games of electronic pool – using a table from a mining community cantina to do so.

Equipped with emergency radiation hazard suits, thanks to spills of liquid-metal fuel, Tosche Station wasn't without its fair share of dangerous incidents. Despite this, it would forever be known as one of Luke Skywalker's favoured childhood retreats – making it a fabled location, to say the very least. So, with that in mind, do you need to go into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters? Let me know in the comments below!

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