• Mattie Stu

Chewbacca's Backstory – Star Wars Lore

Born several hundred kilometres from Kachirho in an area of exceptionally tall wroshyr trees, Chewbacca was an unusually small Wookiee. Even at 200-years-old, he possessed comparatively short legs when compared to the over 7-foot-tall Tarfful. But by no means did his literal growth hamper his skill growth. In fact, having learned and practiced everything he knew on the landing pad in Rwookrrorro, his home city, Chewie became a competent pilot of both catamarans and fluttercrafts, holo-game competitor, and mechanic. So much so that he helped design the Wookiee escape pods, presumably when not traversing his home planet from pole to pole.

Having surveyed the wildest reaches of Kashyyyk's seemingly never-ending forests, the restless Wookiee couldn't wait to take his love for exploration further afield. By visiting countless other worlds, Chewbacca became a veteran of many adventures – such as the time he and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano escaped the Trandoshan hunting grounds on Wasskah. But no matter how far he travelled, no matter the scope and danger of the missions he became embroiled in, Chewie always longed to return home – especially in a time of need. So when a Separatist invasion threatened the lives of his mother, father, cousins, and species as a whole, the compassionate yet fierce and cunning warrior returned to Kashyyyk and prepared for battle. Despite his initial concerns over the defensive capabilities of his people, the Wookiees managed to repel the droid forces with help from both the Jedi Order and the Grand Army of the Republic.

Victory on the shores of Kachirho should have left the Wookiees once more stargazing upon their lofty tree platforms. But instead, their jungle world fell under Imperial occupation. Thousands upon thousands of the species were rounded up by the Galactic Empire to be used as slaves on remote worlds – all thanks to their mighty strength, keen intellects, and long lifespans. Fortunately for Chewbacca, he managed to initially escape such a fate. So, with that in mind, do you prefer Chewie's updated canon backstory when compared to that of Star Wars Legends? Let me know in the comments below.

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