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The Grand Republic Medical Facility - Star Wars Lore

Known by the citizens of Coruscant as a specialist hospital that treated cases from all over the galaxy, ones which required cutting-edge surgical techniques and biomechanical reconstruction, the Grand Republic Medical Facility transitioned into something of a fortress during the waning years of the Clone Wars. Using its lower levels as a focus for meditation and a Sith retreat, Darth Sidious stored many a dark side artifact – such as the Great Crystal of Aantonaii, an ancient Sith alter originally found on Ziost, Sith scrolls in an environmentally controlled display case, a repository for Sith holocrons, which were either found or removed forcibly from their owners, a gallery of Sith weapons, a Sith holocron uncovered from one of Palpatine's earliest visits to Moraband, and a massive Sith-imbued kyber crystal, slivers of which would later be used in the creation of Sith lightsabers. Such treasures and commodities were originally housed in a dilapidated tower in The Works district. But fearing they would sooner or later be discovered by the Jedi, and since the medcentre was temporarily shuttered after his life was threatened by the rogue clone trooper “Fives”, he chose to relocate them. Mere months later, however, the Jedi Temple was remade into the forbidding Imperial Palace. This is where the newly-crowned Emperor once more moved his private retreat.

Fully equipped to diagnose and treat all types of health conditions, the key treatment centre for injured clone troopers became a tempting target for Separatist saboteurs. But given its VLD2261 long-range heavy blaster defence battery, KDD2055 short-range turbolaser rapid-fire defence battery, early warning sensors linked to its weapons firing control systems, ultra-dense neuranium shielding that concealed a fusion reactor from detection, and exterior durasteel cover to mask the building's lanthanide/duranium alloy armour, the facility was more than capable of handling prolonged sieges. And with its extensive databanks and advanced medical machines, it could even pull off seemingly impossible surgical manoeuvres. For example, droid doctors managed to restore the mobility of Darth Vader with biomechanical limbs and a life-support system concealed within his fearsome body armour. Further aiding the Sith Lord's recovery, however, was a dark side reservoir – or wellspring of evil – which emanated from the medcentre's many Sith crystals and artifacts.

On the surface, the Grand Republic Medical Facility seemed entirely ordinary. But looking past its rather unassuming exterior, it was home to one of the galaxy's largest collections of Sith artifacts – something you were all probably unaware of...

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