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What the Spires on Savareen REALLY Mean...

A world marked by sandy landmasses amidst huge oceans, Savareen was home to the prosperous and invaluable Bis Refinery. The independent factory – which specialised in fuel processing – was located on the secluded and windswept Pnakotic Coast, near a spaceport absent from all Imperial records. Such seclusion, unfortunately, failed to protect the plant from a ransacking at the hands of Crimson Dawn. And while the Savarians took great care to restore the once-great refinery, even using the shelled ruins as shelter against the elements, its subsequent operations were purposefully kept small. Because of this, the remote world was favoured by criminals and smugglers alike – all of whom brought valuable minerals from the many mines found on Kessel.

Forced to live a simple yet resourceful existence, the Savarian people subsisted on both ocean plants and shellfish. They even made a rather large income, at least until the construction of the Bis Refinery, from homemade brandy. Distilled from seagrapes and known for worlds around, the famous export cemented Savarians as expert manufacturers. But that's not to say their deeply spiritual and religious nature was overshadowed or went at all unnoticed. For example, rock pylons known as “soulteeth” were used to memorialise those lost in Crimson Dawn and Pyke Syndicate-led coastal attacks. They were also used to anchor Savarian souls back to the planet's beaches, becoming at one with the tides of the oceans.

Savareen's scattered villages were thought to have been the result of a lost colony from the Galactic Republic's dark past – at least according to outsiders. Regardless, the picturesque planet was populated by fascinating, if not bizarre humans. Take these seven names, for example:

Krysguld Dartis Serving as a keen-eyed lookout, it was up to Krysguld Dartis to determine whether or not incoming starships posed a threat to his people. If so, he silently prompted a tap-code comlink that temporarily forced Savarians into burrows and cove shallows alike.

Vamasto Maja An elder of the Pnakotic Coast village, Vamasto Maja witnessed heart-breaking tragedy after heart-breaking tragedy. And so, she oversaw the rebuilding of the Bis Refinery in an attempt to lift the spirits of her people.

Taraja Cuttsmay Taraja Cuttsmay, gifted with the “eye beyond the waves”, was a seer with apparent clairvoyance. So much so that she blessed both newborns and relationships to ensure good fortune.

Kenholdt Ransard Known as the most spiritual Savarian, Kenholdt Ransard used his skills as a distiller – as well as a particular technique for cultivating seagrapes – to produce the aforementioned brandy that became renown by aficionados across the galaxy.

Yirpa Garajon Yirpa Garajon brokered landing rights and trade deals with the scoundrels who came to visit her beloved planet. She also ensured services provided by the resurrected Bis Refinery were traded for food, technology, textiles, and/or medicine – not Imperial credits.

Lanzarota Malco Designated to supervise and maintain the windmill generators and desalination moisture vaporators that dotted the Savarian coastlines, Lanzarota Malco ensured her people were provided with power and clean water.

Dhowar Repareed Dhowar Repareed was often labelled as having the easiest job on the entire planet by his fellow Savarians. And while the combination of regular blue skies and few landing pads to oversee often saw him drift away into many a daydream, the air traffic controller was never far from incoming starships.

With that being said, Savareen and its inhabitants left a rather large and undeniable imprint upon the galaxy far, far away. But which planet introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

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