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The Complete Old Republic Timeline – Star Wars Lore (Legends)

Now classified within the Star Wars Legends continuity, the Old Republic is easily one of the saga's most popular and intriguing time periods. Spawning numerous novels, comics, and even an MMORPG with a peak subscriber base of over 1.7 million, the era and its cast of truly iconic characters add an extra dimension to a galaxy already rich in detail and lore. But with millennia of content to sift through, it's difficult to keep tabs on each and every formation, uprising, war, and so on. That's why we here at Inside Star Wars have compiled a list of every single major event from the Old Republic era. Here is the complete timeline...

c. 30,000 BBY – c. 25,000 BBY: Reign of the Infinite Empire A cruel and scientifically advanced species known as the Rakata establish a major galactic power. By wielding the Force to drive its machinery, the Rakatan Infinite Empire conquer worlds across the galaxy through its superior technology. But when a plague ravages its population, sparking a massive and violent slave revolt against the weakened empire, the Rakata's devastating rule finally comes to an end.

c. 25,783 BBY: Dawn of the Jedi A gathering of scholars and philosophers on the planet Tython eventually results in the birth of the Je'daii. However, despite their study of the Balanced Force, fearsome conflicts known as the Force Wars erupt. So violent are these bouts of infighting that a tremendous Force Cataclysm devastates their planet, forcing members of the reformed Jedi Order to find sanctuary elsewhere. They soon flourish on the distant world of Ossus.

c. 25,100 BBY: The Founding of the Republic Having freed themselves from the shackles of the Infinite Empire, the Core Worlds rebuild and unite to form the Galactic Republic. The signing of the Galactic Constitution on Coruscant swiftly follows, before reverse-engineering of Rakatan Hyperdrive technology allows the Republic to further explore and rapidly expand. Finally, Jedi meet with the newly-established government to pledge their support as defenders of the galaxy.

20,000 BBY – 17,000 BBY: The Great Manifest Period Over the course of the next three-thousand-years the Republic manage to maintain peace and prosperity, all the while exploring and charting the Expansion Region. Unfortunately, the Great Manifest Period comes to a bitter end when the planet Alsakan challenges Coruscant for the right to be capital of the galaxy.

7,000 BBY: The Hundred-Year Darkness An entire ten thousand years following the outbreak of the Alsakan Conflicts, the Jedi Order gradually splinters as more and more of its members begin to practice the dark side of the Force. Exiled for twisting life itself and creating horrific mutations with their new-found powers, the Dark Jedi manufacture a monstrous army with hopes of revenge. This sparks the onset of the Hundred-Year Darkness.

6,900 BBY: Rise of the Sith After a century of gruelling conflict, the banished Dark Jedi survivors discover the world of Korriban and its ancient inhabitants: the Sith. This powerful, Force-sensitive, yet pliable species worship their new overlords and even serve them as willing slaves. So much so that the exiles forge a new Sith civilisation by interbreeding with the mighty natives – thus sowing the seeds of the Sith Empire.

5,113 BBY: Birth of the Emperor Black-eyed, heartless, and supremely strong in the dark side of the Force, the child who would later be known as the Sith Emperor is born. Merely thirteen-years-old, the boy seizes control of his homeworld and earns the title Lord Vitiate. He then turns his back upon Imperial politics to hone his dark side abilities and amass an army of Sith followers.

5,000 BBY: The Great Hyperspace War The first of many wars between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic erupts. Dark Lord Naga Sadow, having been led to Republic Space through unwitting hyperspace explorers, launches the brutal conflict across entire planets. But before he can engulf the capital world of Coruscant, deceit within the Sith ranks forces his army into retreat. The Republic gives chase to win the war and vows to decimate all remnants of the Sith Empire.

4,999 BBY: Ascension of the Sith Emperor Taking command of the crumbling Sith Empire merely one year later, Lord Vitiate swiftly executes the Sith Council. He then consumes the life force of thousands of Sith Lords in a terrifying ritual, doing so as a means of extending his own existence. With a further grasp on the dark side of the Force, the newly crowned Sith Emperor and his underlings retreat to into deep space to both rebuild and prepare for vengeance.

4,980 BBY: The Sith Retreat Almost two decades spent scouring deep space leads the Sith Empire to the forgotten jungle world of Dromund Kaas, where it quickly establishes a capital city. There, with the simple goal of completely annihilating the Republic, Vitiate begins training his military and building the Imperial armada.

3,976 BBY: The Mandalorian Wars Legendary clans of battle-hungry warriors – all renown for their proud and fearsome nature – unite under Mandalore the Ultimate to attack the fringes of Republic Space. The Mandalorian crusade continues unchecked for a further decade due to the Republic's avoidance of yet another violent war. However, rogue Jedi led by defiant Knights Revan and Malak begin to fight back. They ultimately defeat Mandalore the Ultimate, topple his Neo-Crusaders, and win the Mandalorian Wars for the Republic.

3,960 BBY: The Corruption of Revan and Malak As heroes of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and Malak explore the Unknown Regions in search of the hidden Sith Empire. Unfortunately, Lord Vitiate turns both Jedi Knights to the dark side of the Force. He then tasks them with finding an ancient Rakata superweapon known as the Star Forge. Little does the Sith Emperor know that by uncovering the powerful relic Revan will betray him and assume command of his empire.

3,959 BBY: The Jedi Civil War Revan and Malak, under their new titles of Darth, invade the Republic with hopes of conquering the people they once defended. Revan comes bitterly close to achieving his goal, before betrayal at the hands of his apprentice leaves him for dead. But thanks to the Jedi Order, who reprogram and reform his mind, he eventually strikes down Darth Malak, destroys the Star Forge, and culminates the long and disastrous Jedi Civil War.

3,955 BBY: A Sith Triumvirate With the death of its leader, the Sith Empire once more finds itself in a state of dismay. That is until Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Traya rise to restore the order. Gathering their strength in secrecy, the triumvirate of Sith emerge from Dromund Kaas to begin a brutal campaign upon the Jedi. But before completely wiping out their enemy, exiled Jedi Meetra Surik returns from obscurity with lethal force – paving the way for the Republic's recovery.

c. 3,950 BBY: Revan Seeks Out the Emperor In search of remnants of the hidden Sith Empire, having been haunted by visions of the Sith Emperor and his turn to the dark side some ten years prior, Revan is captured and imprisoned on Dromund Kaas. Meetra Surik and Lord Scourge – who has seemingly turned his back upon Vitiate – stage a daring rescue mission. Freed, Revan attempts to assassinate the Sith Emperor, only to be overpowered. The Jedi is then betrayed and imprisoned once more – this time for centuries – all thanks to the turncoat Scourge and his quest for a brand new title: Emperor's Wrath.

3,681 BBY: The Great War Returning from exile, the Sith Emperor orchestrates a cunning, ingenious and surprise onslaught upon the Republic. As terror spreads throughout the galaxy, Imperial fleets dominate battles, old allies realign with the Empire, and Republic politicians turn against one another out of sheer panic. But when the Battle of Bothawui ends in a stalemate, resulting in three decades of violent warfare, the Sith Empire makes a surprising move. By offering the chance of peace as a distraction, Imperials begin The Sacking of Coruscant. This leaves the Republic in a state of ruin and without any leverage when discussing terms of a much-needed truce.

3,653 BBY – c. 3,640 BBY: A Time of Peace The Great War officially ends with the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. This forces the Republic into removing its forces from battlefields across the galaxy as part of a cease fire. The Sith Empire, by absorbing abandoned worlds, only continues to grow in power during this time. Knowing this, the Jedi Order returns to its ancient homeworld of Tython.

c. 3,640 BBY: A Return to War When border skirmishes and internal conflicts result in a tense stand-off for over a decade, full-scale war inevitably breaks out. This looks to be the most devastating and far-reaching conflict yet, with every corner of the galaxy somehow becoming involved...

With nearly 30,000 years to discuss and digest, everything covered today is merely a glimpse at what the Old Republic era has to offer. So be sure to join us every week from now onward as we look more in depth at each of the aforementioned events, starting off with the rise and fall of the Rakatan Infinite Empire. If you've learned something new from today's video, be sure to leave a like. To help out the channel that little bit extra, please do consider pledging to our Patreon page. And for all things Inside Star Wars, press that subscribe button and notification bell. Thanks for watching!

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