• Mattie Stu

What CITIZENS of the Galaxy DID in Their Spare Time...

Corruption, turmoil, conflict; these are but a few of the words that go hand in hand with the galaxy far, far away. And while we're all prone to watching the Star Wars films in our own free time, leisure is something you wouldn't necessarily associate with a saga literally named with bloodshed in mind. So it's easy to forget that for the average galactic citizen lightsaber duels, bounty hunting and smuggling runs alike were far from common. In fact, each were just as likely to “chillax” in the same manner as you or I. But what exactly did this entail? What were some of the activities species across the galaxy partook in during their time off? Well, let's find out!

Drugs and Alcohol Yes, I've just dropped you all in at the deep end. But simply put, drugs allowed galactic citizens to escape the hardships of daily life and relieve stress. So much so that high-level Imperial officials and common criminals alike were all known to take narcotics – trading short-term relaxation for prolonged side effects. For example, Jabba the Hutt and junk dealer Watto often puffed away at their hookah pipe and shisha respectively. But one of the most popular yet devastating substances were the death sticks. These highly addictive, luminescent tubes used cilona-extract to deliver a horrific euphoria. Of course, alcohol was another prevalent and addictive drug found in nightclubs and bars all across the galaxy.

Games and Gambling In conjunction with the aforementioned clubs and watering holes, those sipping away at alcoholic beverages often partook in games of chance. Whether it be from machines such as the “lugjack” and the “one-armed gambler”, or cards and board games, there was always plenty of interest in making some quick coin. In saying that, however, a gamble was only as good as the money wagered, and for most far-flung worlds, credits and chips were utterly useless in such transactions. Instead, remote areas dealt in prize boxes of pricey technology and local currencies – specifically the golden wupiupi coins of Tatooine. Sometimes, reckless gamblers even betted away valuable starships whilst playing the likes of dejarik, Deia's Dream, triga, and sabacc. A practitioner of the latter game actually lost the Millennium Falcon during a rather “unlucky” round. But thanks to the powerful hand “Idiot's Array”, he at least managed to later recoup some of his losses by defeating Garazeb Orrelios. Yet pure luck was not for everyone. For example, twin brothers Prashee and Cratinus used their identical looks to swindle and confuse fellow competitors in Maz Kanata's castle.

Sports Speaking of galactic citizens and their competitive nature, those with a particular interest in action and excitement would often seek out podracing, droid boxing, and arena blood sports – all of which were highly dangerous for their competitors. But that's not to say every avocation was as fierce and deadly. In fact, there were some pastimes with entirely innocent connotations...

Toys No matter how many times I defend my various shelves of Lego models and wrestling “collectibles”, you can't deny that toys are meant for children. So it should really come as no surprise that youngsters in the galaxy far, far away weren't so different to their counterparts here on Earth. This is why Jyn Erso boasted a large collection of dolls during her youth, which included homemade ARC-170 starfighters, Separatist dreadnoughts, Jedi cruisers, hyperspace rings, Imperial star destroyers, TIE fighters, stormtroopers, opee sea killers, shaaks, tauntauns, astromech units, and assassin droids. Decades after, merely ten years of age, Rey crafted a miniature Rebel Alliance pilot from debris found in the junkfields of Jakku. Even later still, stable hands on Canto Bight fashioned together dolls representing Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and a First Order walker.

So there are four pastimes citizens across the galaxy enjoyed during their downtime. But which of the aforementioned activities would interest you the most as a Star Wars inhabitant? Let me know in the comments below!

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