• Mattie Stu

Droidekas – Star Wars Lore

Designed by a murderous and bloodthirsty insectoid species known as the Colicoids, droidekas were given to Trade Federation in exchange for exotic meats. These machines of war were far more deadly than standard battle droids, and were effectively deployed during the invasion of Naboo. With built-in twin blasters on either arm – which fired alternately in quick succession to allow for regular recharges from the spinal power cells – droidekas sprayed targets with a deadly stream of left to right fire. Because of this, hands and other human features were entirely unnecessary. So much so that even their glowing “eyes” were actually highly attuned heat-targetting sensors. But what truly made them deadly adversaries for clone troopers and Jedi Knights alike was their almost impenetrable deflector shield. In fact, so powerful were these one-way, translucent blue orbs that only Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenades, specifically directed at their rear, had any chance of toppling the droideka. Unfortunately, the plates from which they emitted from could only be activated in attack mode, leaving them extremely vulnerable whilst rolling, or so you would think.

Racing towards targets at speeds of 75 kilometre per hour, droidekas were extremely difficult to target. Moreover, they rolled in such a nature that their vital systems were completely shielded. This tight, ball-like configuration was not only how each was stowed away aboard troop transports, but it was also how they manoeuvred before springing into combat mode. Coming to a sudden yet natural halt to do so – having sensed an opportune firing range – droidekas unfurled their sturdy legs and swiftly rose to their full heights. They would then activate their shields and fire upon those unlucky enough to be standing in their way. Even during the age of the Empire, advanced droidekas known as Sentinels carried out the work of security droids, all the while heavy artillery “Oppressor” models were used by smugglers. But which of the aforementioned variations do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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