• Mattie Stu

Cyborgs of the Star Wars Galaxy

Living beings whose bodies were enhanced through machinery, cyborgs were subject to fundamental alterations to both their brains and physiology. So invasive were these very processes that they often proved irreversible and much more profound than mere artificial limbs. This is why many in the galaxy would have turned down any cybernetic procedure if given half the chance. Unfortunately for non-sentient creatures, however, they were given no such option. Hydroid Medusas and Luggabeasts alike underwent extensive modifications so to better serve their masters. The former were armoured and electrified jellyfish developed by the Karkarodons, whilst the latter were huge beasts of burden found on frontier worlds. Even Sith Lord Darth Vader was forced into becoming more machine than man due to the life-threatening injuries he sustained on Mustafar.

Perhaps the most famous, or should I say infamous cyborg in all of Star Wars had to be General Grievous. Rebuilt as a cyborg to maximise his fighting abilities – all thanks to two implants, one for body coordination, and another for combat programming – the Supreme Commander of the Droid Army was rather sensitive about his various upgrades. So much so that he was quick to remind his medical droid, EV-A4-D, that they were indeed “improvements”. Even with the loss of all but his natural eyes, lungs, heart, and segments of his brain, Grievous insisted that each alteration was his choice and no one else's. Likewise, Junkers on Lotho Minor built themselves almost entirely new bodies using only spare parts, all the while B'omarr Monks reduced themselves to floating brains to eliminate any distractions from the outside world. The Rodian Tseebo even voluntarily agreed to cybernetic headgear as a means of interfacing with computers.

Whether cyborgs underwent one or many alterations, the thin line between organic life and machinery was often difficult to determine. Yet it was rather hard to argue against the benefits of cybernetic implants, especially in a galaxy ravaged by war. So be sure to let me know all of your opinions on this very subject by leaving a comment down below.

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