• Mattie Stu

The Species With No Brain – Star Wars Lore

Ghastly medical techniques perfected by a fugitive surgeon known to inhabit the Holy City were what produced the Decraniated. Left wounded or incapacitated from Jedha's seemingly never-ending insurgency, these beings were transformed through cybernetic technology – such as a programmable neuro-box interface – to become droid-like. If rumour was to be believed, then those who underwent such surgery were in fact sold unwillingly into a lifetime of slavery. For example – having been stripped of their individuality – many became servants of Gesh's Tapcafe, keeping boisterous off-duty Imperials content with the likes of freshly brewed chav tea. A high-gravity humanoid known as Caysin Bog was also considered to be a member of the Decraniated. This was due to the surgical similarities between himself and the newly-created species. In fact, Bog was blown apart during an insurgency strike and pieced together again by a man named "Roofoo".

Despite their inherent creepy nature, the Decraniated proved to be just as useful as their droid counterparts. But which subservient beings do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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