• Mattie Stu

Superweapons of the Star Wars Galaxy

Capable of delivering extremely devastating power, superweapons could be traced all the way back to ancient times. For example, Malachor was not only home to a legendary battle between the Jedi and the Sith – one which ended with neither a victor nor any survivors – but also a Sith Temple. At its dark heart was a superweapon powered by a giant kyber crystal, ready to unleash horrific destruction. Such catastrophic potential attracted the attention of former Dark Lord Maul, who manipulated Ezra Bridger into accessing the primordial structure and its central Sith holocron. By doing so, however, the youngster unintentionally activated the deadly superweapon.

Following in the footsteps of his ancient Sith brethren, Darth Sidious ordered the construction of the Death Star to enforce loyalty and obedience through fear alone. The fully-functional battle station came equipped with all the necessary facilities and resources required to support a long-term crew – including a command centre for overseeing operations, suites for senior officer conferences, prison blocks for holding captured rebels and evicted populations alike, hangars for ship maintenance, and trash compactors for waste disposal. Of course, its giant superlaser capable of destroying entire planets was its greatest asset. But neither that, nor its huge garrison and fleets of starfighters could prevent the destruction of the Death Star.

Improving upon the design of its predecessor, having removed the critical “exhaust port” design flaw, the second Death Star was far more weaponised. For example, the recharge time of its superlaser was drastically reduced from twenty-four hours to merely three minutes. Its targetting systems were also upgraded as a means of destroying even the smallest of starships. No amount of upgrades, however, could protect the battle station from the overconfidence of the Emperor. In an elaborate throne room perched atop a one-hundred story spire on the north pole of the second Death Star, Palpatine once more underestimated the might, cunning and destructive firepower of the Rebel Alliance.

If the second Death Star was considered a gigantic mobile space station, then Starkiller Base was an unthinkable tool of terror. Formerly mined for its vast collection of kyber crystals, the highly mysterious planet was converted into a colossal superweapon by the First Order. It operated by draining the energy from nearby stars, before unleashing a deadly beam capable of destroying entire star systems, both nearby and afar. Such firepower resulted in the complete obliteration of the Hosnian System, and thus the current homeworld of the New Republic. Yet it suffered a fate not too dissimilar to either Death Star, which begs the question: out of all the Star Wars superweapons, which was the greatest? Feel free to debate away in the comments down below.

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