• Mattie Stu

Why Dooku's LIGHTSABER Was SO Unique...

When Dooku joined the Jedi Order at an early age, he never fully gave it his inmost allegiance. This stubborn streak of independence was transmitted to his various pupils, including Qui-Gon Jinn. Yet the Jedi Council sadly underestimated both his hunger for power and interest in technology. Not only was his considerable strength in the Force equal to that of Grand Master Yoda, but he openly scoffed at the peace-keeping organisation's tedious study of ancient texts over engaging with the galaxy and its people. These two factors, combined with many other concerns and scepticisms, eventually drove Dooku away from the Order and into the open arms of Darth Sidious. Under the Sith Lord's guidance, he began protesting the many failures of the Galactic Republic. He also spearheaded the Separatist movement, having swayed many star systems to his side. However, his true intentions were shrouded in darkness, making him just as mysterious as he was dangerous.

Before abandoning the Jedi Order and adopting his hereditary title Count of Serenno, Dooku set aside the lightsaber he built as a Padawan in favour of a superior design. His personalised configuration held no connection to his former master, Yoda, nor to the style in fashion at the time. Instead, he studied records in the Jedi Archives to craft a weapon befitting his combat style – one which favoured long, elegant moves and incredible deftness of hand. In fact, its curved hilt allowed for precise crossparry moves, whilst a thumb trigger instantly shortened the blade for surprise short-range attacks. Such ingenuity was even further explored when Dooku freed himself from the Order's fussy rules. For example, he utilised his vast wealth and power to experiment with machinery. By indulging his own curiosity about the limits of technological advancement, he sought to craft better weaponry for both himself and the Separatists.

Jumping from world to world in his solar sailor, a Geonosian-built craft that used its mysterious sail to collect supralight energies for hyperspace travel, Darth Tyranus truly left his mark upon the galaxy far, far away. So much so that a bronzium bust of his ever-stern demeanour would remain in the Jedi Archives sometime after the legendary Clone Wars. But did you know that the Jedi Master-turned-Sith Lord was so wealthy he could have fielded an army of his own? Or that his open-cockpit Flitknot speeder was re-engineered for non-winged riders? How about the fact his cape was an emblem of his royal status, enlarged his silhouette to intimidating effect, and possessed an underlayer consisting of a costly, fine-grade armourweave fabric? Finally, did you know that his brown belt was in fact crafted from rare rancor leather? Well, if you didn't, now you do!

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