• Mattie Stu

The Creatures Responsible for Green Milk – Star Wars Lore

Docile marine mammals with large flippers, an elongated neck and snout, grey-pink skin, and rather sizeable udders – thala-sirens hailed from an unknown homeworld. However, they were known to inhabit Ahch-To, and what's more, they made for a very peculiar sight perched atop the watery world's coastline rocks, where they enjoyed bathing in sunlight. Free from pesky hunters, these unusual creatures were unafraid of natives and visitors to their islands alike. So much so that the females of the species, known as sea sows, were harmlessly milked by Caretakers and even former Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker – the latter of whom harvested the nutritious green milk on a frequent basis throughout his self-imposed exile.

Like the planet in which they inhabited, little else was really known about the thala-sirens, so mysterious was their existence. But do you think we will once more see this species in Star Wars: Episode IX? Better yet, would you even want to have them return at some point in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

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