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What Being ENCASED in CARBONITE Was Like...

Exhaustion, weakness, dehydration, dizziness, memory loss, temporary blindness, and even death – these were some of the characteristics associated with hibernation sickness, a medical condition sometimes brought about upon one's release from their carbonite coffin. But what about the process itself? What was life like for those in suspended animation? Well, let's find out...

Dating back thousands of years, carbonite and its peculiar stasis qualities were first realised by crew members of ancient sleeper ships. By expanding the borders of pre-Republic space and traversing unfathomable distances, each courageous explorer was kept alive through extended hibernation. However, the introduction of not only hyperdrives, which drastically reduced travel time, but also bio-entropic field generators in medical applications rendered this process entirely unnecessary. Carbon freezing thus became the standard for industrial applications. For example, it bonded and stabilised volatile substances – such as tibanna gas and coaxium – for transportation. Yet it was the likes of Imperials, bounty hunters and even some gangsters who modified the process once more to imprison living cargo. In fact, the earliest known trophies of this variety lurked in the galaxy's very early, dark past – when the ancient Krath conquered the carbonite mines of the Empress Teta system. Those subjected to the painful stasis were said to have felt “a big wide-awake nothing.” In other words, those encased in carbonite were conscious the entire time, unable to move or – well, do anything.

Either way you look at it, encasing a living person in carbonite was one of the galaxy's most horrific torture methods. You could even argue it was a fate worse than death. But, what do you think? Would you rather face carbon freezing, or fill the role of a Rebel soldier trapped in a narrow corridor with Darth Vader? To me, both sound less than ideal! Anyway, let me know your answer by leaving a comment down below.

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