• Mattie Stu

STAPs – Star Wars Lore (Legends)

Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, known as STAPs for short, were designed for battle droids of the Trade Federation with specific objectives in mind. Firstly, they were used to protect vulnerable droid forces as they unloaded from landing crafts and other invading transports. Secondly, pilots of STAPs surveyed terrain and gathered intelligence – either before or during skirmishes – so that the Droid Control Ship could better understand the enemy and coordinate battlefield manoeuvres. And while they were similar to individual repulsorlift “airhooks” used throughout the galaxy for civilian and military purposes, each could plough through vegetation with little to no effort – albeit not for long. Indeed, the STAP was powered through high-voltage energy cells, located near the vehicle's drive turbines, which were fairly limited and had to be recharged more often than not. But did you know that battle droids were affixed to STAPs through footlocks? Or that each compact machine came equipped with deadly twin blasters? Well, if you didn't, now you do!

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