• Mattie Stu

The Mushroom Species – Star Wars Lore

Having evolved from fungi on an unknown homeworld, the Agarians once travelled through Wild Space as giant seedlings. In fact, they were named thousands of years later – by cartographers Auric and Rhyssa Graf – after the planet on which they settled. The mysterious mushroom-like species possessed no eyes, but could sense their surroundings through vibrations in the air and a heightened sense of smell. They also grew as vast forests, requiring only the smallest rays of sunlight to survive. Unfortunately, their aversion to conflict was temporarily placed on hold when the Galactic Empire established a mining colony on Agaris. Hoping to evict the Imperial enforcers from their adopted homeworld, the Agarians attacked their base of operations. By emitting a sleep-inducing gas and explosive seedlings, as well as changing their shapes and sizes, they managed to free the aforementioned Grafs from imprisonment.

Not much else was really known about this highly unusual species, although it went without saying that they were not to be trifled with! But with that in mind, do you regard the Agarians as some of the deadliest beings in all of Star Wars? If not, which species do you think was the most terrifying? Let me know in the comments below.

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