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How Much DEBT Did Han Solo Owe Jabba the Hutt? (Legends)

Jabba the Hutt may not have been the most physically intimidating, unless you feared being eaten alive or something, but his power and wealth alone commanded a great deal of respect. In fact, many who wound up on the wrong side of the gangster and crime lord sooner or later found themselves either fed to a rancor or imprisoned in carbonite. Han Solo, on the other hand – well, he relied upon his smooth-talking skills to get out of rather tricky situations. But no matter how hard he tried, how many times he managed to evade capture, Jabba wasn't going to forget about the smuggler's ever-increasing debt, one which peaked at 224,190 credits... Here is a detailed breakdown of the debt Han Solo owed Jabba the Hutt!

Han Solo's debt to Jabba the Hutt first began prior to the events of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, when the smuggler decided to dump precious cargo as a means of escaping Imperial custody. This very act set his employer back 12,400 credits. Now, to put that into context, the life of Greedo was only considered to be worth 4,100 credits. And yes, as the Rodian worked directly under Jabba up until his timely demise, his death was further added to Han's debt. By this point, everyone's favourite scoundrel had infuriated his former employer so much that 320 credits were raised for bounty notices, 5,000 more were issued to the infamous Boba Fett, whilst another 2,000 credits went towards other bounty hunters for their tracking abilities. Finally, aside from the 125,640 credits attributed to advances on the Millennium Falcon, the rest of the debt came from Jabba the Hutt's steep interest rate, which tallied at 74,730 credits.

Nearly one quarter of a million in debt to a ruthless crime lord, it's easy to see why Han Solo chose to flee Jabba the Hutt and his many bounty hunters. In the end, however, the smuggler was no match for the cunning of Boba Fett, especially when in partnership with Darth Vader! Speaking of which, I have very recently made a video on what exactly Solo felt during his time encased in carbonite. I'll leave a link down below for your viewing pleasure.

Carbonite video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3n_MbFdYAc

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