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Leader of the Crimson Dawn syndicate, Dryden Vos was a man of both luxury and expensive taste. Combined, these two characteristics saw him scour the Mid and Outer Rim for ancient and rare relics. But that's not to say he acquired such items lawfully. In fact, the lawless criminal updated the invaluable stash aboard his personal yacht either through force or by bribing security personnel. He was even known to befriend Imperial officials – all of whom failed to step forward with any word against Vos or his actions. And while Imperial Security Bureau agents were thus prevented from ever stepping foot inside his First Light study, they were able to collate theft reports from several small museums to link the near-human as a suspect... Here are seven artifacts believed to have been stolen by Dryden Vos!

The first item presumably stolen by Dryden Vos was a nearly full suit of Mandalorian rally master armour. Taken from the museum of Mythos on Kalevala, it dated back to the ancient wars of Mandalorian expansion that helped define their modern territorial borders.

Further Mandalorian weapons were reported stolen by the Archaic Arsenal of Ordo and Scabbard Monument of Krownest. Both the rally master lance and munit'kad halberd were reported missing within weeks of one another, resulting in either world blaming the other for such theft. However, if Vos was indeed guilty of this crime, at least he had finally brought together two related Mandalorian artifacts.

From the Private Collection of Barpotomous Drebble, who insisted he had obtained the relic legally prior to its unsolved theft, the Dancing Goddess was a Godoan artifact of great spiritual importance to, rather aptly, the Godoans.

Perhaps of greater value was an armillery sphere detailing the Ancient Core Worlds, navigable routes, and the original alignments of Duro, Alderaan and Corellia. It was considered by scholars to be the cradle of galactic civilisation, and once held much significance in the Royal Durosian Gallery.

The ou'tranoi, a sacred vase said to collect the souls of enemies by the shamans of Golus Pheyar, was another artifact supposedly stolen by Dryden Vos. In fact, holographic security footage of the heist – which took place at the Antiquities Institute of the Tion Hegemony – showed Hylobon mercenaries carrying out the deed. Vos was known to employ such beings as enforcers.

Finally, the Bureau of Ships and Services Heritage on Coruscant reported the theft – and replacement with a forgery – of an ancient navigational dataplaque said to be from an old Jedi survey craft, named the Permondiri Explorer. Not only was it adorned with traditional symbols denoting light, dark and the balance in-between, but it also possessed storage rods built into its precious metal capacitance board.

So there are seven artifacts stolen by Dryden Vos for his personal collection, at least according to members of the ISB. But which of the aforementioned ancient relics would you rather posses? Let me know in the comments below.

Source(s): Star Wars: Scum and Villainy

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