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LAAT/c Gunships – Star Wars Lore (Legends)

A variant of the LAAT/i gunship, but with reinforced frames and more powerful repulsorlift engines, Rothana Heavy Engineering's Low-Altitude Assault Transport/carrier was initially designed to lift and deploy AT-TE walkers into battle. However, it was later adapted and made more versatile to transport a variety of payloads – including forward command centers, portable power generators, and shield generators. To do so, enormous magnetic clamps safely secured heavy cargo in place. They could also disengage immediately, thus allowing the craft to lift off without time-consuming offloading operations. And while dramatic ascents, like those brought about by the sudden weight loss of an All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, would normally be jarring for most life forms, the LAAT/c possessed strong anti-gravity compensators in the cockpit and passenger areas to ensure its singular pilot and any crew members remained unaffected. This allowed the gunship to destroy any targets posing an immediate threat to the AT-TE upon arrival on a planetary surface.

Of course, the Low-Altitude Assault Transport/carrier was less weaponised than its LAAT/i counterpart. But that's not to say it was any less effective. In fact, you could argue that powerful land vehicles and mobile command stations alike were more impactful on the battlefield than mere foot soldiers. In any event, feel free to voice your opinion on which gunship was greater by leaving a comment down below.

Source(s): Star Wars: Complete Vehicles

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