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The History of Dejarik & its Creatures – Star Wars Lore

Dejarik, otherwise known as holochess, was an incredibly popular game played throughout the galaxy. It consisted of a circular board split into three concentric rings with black and white spaces – all of which converged towards its centre – and pitted two players against one another. The aim of the game was to wipe out your opponent's pieces by defeating them in combat. This was done my moving small, aggressive holographic projections of various aliens across the board. However, as R2-D2 quickly discovered aboard the Millennium Falcon, no matter how good a player you were it was often a safe tactic to let the opposing player win every now and again, especially if they were seven-foot-tall and completely covered in hair! As for most of the aforementioned monsters – well, so mysterious was their nature that many believed them to be of mythological origin... Here is a quick run down of each dejarik creature!


Oddly named Grimtaash, the Molator was a magical creature from an Alderaanian myth.

Mantellian Savrip

Not much was really known about this creature, other than the fact it was large and from Ord Mantell.


Most pets in the galaxy far, far away looked more dangerous than they did friendly, and the Houjix was certainly no exception. Yet it still popularly featured – at least according to rumour – by the side of citizens across the planet Kinyen.


Simply put, the Monnok was a primitive hunter from a desert world – perhaps even Socorro, the same planet on which Lando Calrissian was born.


This creature was believed to be a tree-dweller from the planet Bith.


Left to speculation, the origins of the Ng'ok were unknown. But it was safe to assume they were in fact predators due their many deadly claws.


Again, not much was really known about this dangerous species. From the Outer Rim, however, they may have been swamp dwellers.

And, last but not least...

Kintan Strider

The Kintan Strider was a ferocious creature from – yup, you guessed it – Kintan.

So there is a brief look at not only the history of dejarik, but also an overview of its many weird and wonderful aliens. Let me know in the comments below which of the aforementioned creatures you prefer, as well as whether or not you have ever thought about playing this very game. Personally, while it does look pretty fun, I think I'll just stick to regular chess...

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