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Who Did General Grievous Kill For His Lightsabers?

It's rather common knowledge that General Grievous collected his green and blue lightsabers from the Jedi he killed. What is less unheard of, however, is just how exactly he obtained such weapons and which Jedi in particular he managed to slay – two questions we'll be answering in today's video...

Pablo-Jill – Blade Colour: Blue

(Hilt length: 29.20cm. Hilt width: 6.65cm. Material: Alloy metal)

Following an intense duel in a collapsing satellite over Duro – one which left the Jedi Knight injured – Grievous claimed Pablo-Jill's lightsaber from floating debris.

Eeth Koth – Blade Colour: Green

(Hilt length: 26.60cm. Hilt width: 3.80cm. Material: Alloy metal)

Another Jedi who merely “lost” his lightsaber to the cyborg, Eeth Koth parted ways with the weapon upon his capture in the Saleucami system.

Roron Corobb – Blade Colour: Green

(Hilt length: 26.80cm. Hilt width: 4.30cm. Material: Alloy metal)

General Grievous, when storming the Republic Capital of Coruscant, cut through layer upon layer of security forces. The Separatist warlord also mowed down many of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Jedi protectors – as was the case with Roron Corobb.

Shaak Ti – Blade Colour: Blue

(Hilt length: 26.60cm. Hilt width: 3.30cm. Material: Copper and durasteel)

Speaking of the kidnapping attempt that led to the final battle of the Clone Wars, Shaak Ti acted as the last line of defence for Sheev Palpatine. Because of this, General Grievous had to ensnare her with electrified cables. Left unconscious, he simply stole the Jedi's lightsaber and added it to his collection.

Of course, General Grievous possessed a much larger trophy collection within the walls of his hidden lair. But no such prize could ever quite compare to any of his four lightsabers.

Source(s): Star Wars Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons of the Force

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