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Imperial Troop Transports | 60 Second Lore

From Kenner Products to Star Wars Legends, then a rebirth in season one of Star Wars Rebels, the Imperial Troop Transport – or ITT for short – has as much behind-the-scenes history as it does in-universe lore. However, in today's inaugural episode of 60 Second Lore, we'll be covering the latter... And it begins in 3, 2, 1...

Manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries, the Imperial Troop Transport was designed to deliver stormtroopers into battle, detain and transfer prisoners, and ferry supplies on both its sides and flat roof. Commonly found on Lothal and other worlds recently occupied by Imperial forces, as a result, ITTs may not have been classified as combat ships, but they came equipped with two forward-facing laser guns, one dorsal twin laser turret, not to mention sturdy armour. A top speed of 150 kilometres per hour also gave it enough thrusting power to zip around from one location to another. However, if left unattended, each repulsorcraft attracted the unwanted attention of thieves and scallywags alike – as was the case when Ezra Bridger attempted to steal a cargo of meiloorun fruit from an ITT.

Having survived the strict time limit in this inaugural episode of 60 Second Lore, it's now time to conclude our overview of the Imperial Troop Transport!

Source(s): Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Star Wars Databank

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