• Mattie Stu

Scout Troopers | 60 Second Lore

On today's episode of 60 Second Lore, we'll be taking a look at my personal favourite stormtrooper variant: scout troopers. For some reason I became obsessed with their armour as a child, seeing their unique helmets as – well, cool! So thanks to YouTube user SecretTarg for the suggestion. Oh, and it begins in 3, 2, 1...

An evolution of clone scout troopers, who heavily featured during the Battle of Kashyyyk, these particular soldiers were trained for long-term missions. Entrusted with an unusual degree of independence for Imperial personnel, as a result, they each became specialists in reconnaissance, infiltration and sabotage. Moreover, scout troopers provided excellent long-range covering fire. But unlike their stormtrooper counterparts, each came equipped with lighter and more manoeuvrable armour, which was perfect for roaming the lush vegetation found on Endor aboard their 74-Z speeder bikes. As for their uniquely designed helmets – well, they possessed enhanced macrobinocular viewplates for precision target identification. Unfortunately, despite being classed as elite soldiers and having members in Darth Vader's personal Death Squadron, scout troopers failed to safeguard a strategic shield generator on the aforementioned forest moon from a band of native Ewoks and their Rebel allies. This ultimately led to the destruction of the second Death Star...

So there is a brief overview of my personal favourite stormtrooper variant. Let me know in the comments below which topic you would like to see covered next in this series.

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