• Mattie Stu

How Did Personnel on the Death Star Spend Their Free Time? (Star Wars Legends)

Stationed on a planet-destroying battle station the size of a small moon must have been far from relaxing. So it was important for the likes of stormtroopers to kick back and chill out when not, you know – chasing scoundrels and watching Alderaan disappear... But how exactly did Imperials aboard the Death Star spend their free time? Well, let's find out!

Despite being a giant ball of death, the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station came equipped with running tracks, weight-training machines, adequate space for gymnastic and aerobic workouts, martial-arts sparring areas, and various other exercise stations – all contained within a main chamber. As for the side chambers – well, they possessed personal lockers opposite sonic showers, holo obstacle and combat training facilities, storage for equipment and exercise droids, refreshment bars, multipurpose sport courts, and recreation staff offices. Every crew member aboard the Death Star was encouraged to use the aforementioned exercise equipment. Moreover, each were periodically assigned to the combat training and obstacle course facilities, so to maintain their fighting skills and learn new techniques. These very simulations – which generated an endlessly expandable variety of terrain and situations – pushed them to their absolute limits. But when not improving their handling of blasters, grenades, and heavy weapons, Imperials replenished their vitamins and vital fluids at refreshment bars offering healthy drinks. Reconfigurable sport courts also afforded them a wide variety of popular games – including wallball, kel tag, and repulsor puck.

So there is a detailed look at the various recreation facilities aboard the Death Star. Let me know in the comments below which activity you would find particularly enjoyable!

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