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How Did Cloud City Stay Afloat? | Top 10 Lore

As a child watching The Empire Strikes Back, instead of viewing Cloud City in some kind of awe, I merely felt utter bewilderment. I thought how? I thought why? I thought where? I thought when? I thought what?! It's fair to say I never quite understood the mysterious physics at play here. But at the ripe old age of 22, I now know the fundamental answers! Welcome to today's edition of Top 10 Lore, where we'll not only be uncovering how exactly Cloud City stayed afloat, but also why First Order transports were so poorly light, the age when Cassian Andor became a child soldier – and much, much more. Let's begin!

Number 10.

The reason for the extremely poor lighting in First Order troop transports, as seen during the opening sequence of The Force Awakens, was not due to some dodgy electrician. The minimal lighting actually preserved stormtrooper night vision, adequately preparing them for the attack on Tuanul.

Number 09.

The maximum amount of vials a coaxium case could hold was 192. Just imagine the destructive potential of one such container!

Number 08.

Star Wars and dismemberment seem to go hand in hand – pun very much intended. However, the many blasted and sliced off limbs in the Mos Eisley Cantina never seemed to be there when the authorities showed up. No one was ever quite sure what happened to them...

Number 07.

6-years-old – this was the age Rebel Captain Cassian Andor became a child soldier.

Number 06.

If you're interested in Star Wars currencies and their exchange rates, then you'll be pleased to know 1 Wupiupi roughly equated to .625 galactic credits. In turn, 40 credits were worth 1 Peggat, and 1 Trugut could be exchanged for 10 Wupiupi.

Number 05.

From the outside looking in, Hutts appeared to be large, filthy beasts. But the oil and mucus secreted by their skin made them rather difficult to grab and therefore seize.

Number 04.

The many statues and busts found in Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office honoured obscure figures from the past. Each possessed much arcane wisdom and law, yet their actions were shrouded in controversy.

Number 03.

To dine at a fancy restaurant in Coruscant, customers had to fork up – again, pun intended – 10,000 credits for one measly meal. To put this into perspective, a low-end starship cost almost as much!

Number 02.

On Lothal there were 19,000 different grass types. Insert appropriate Pokémon joke here...

And, last but not least...

Number 01.

The reason for Cloud City's amazing and magical floating appearance was due to 36,000 repulsorlift engines and tractor beam generators. These technologies could also be found on speeder bikes and starships, respectively.

That's going to be it for today's edition of Top 10 Lore. Let me know in the comments below which fact intrigued you the most!

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