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Why Did the Rebels Choose Hoth as Their Base in Star Wars Canon?

Cold and inhospitable – these two words perfectly described the ice planet Hoth. Such characteristics would normally deter anyone without a death wish, but not the Rebel Alliance... So, why was this? Why did the underdog faction establish a base of operations on the desolate world? Well, let's find out!

On the run from their evil adversaries, it was important for the Rebel Alliance to construct a new headquarters – preferably on an uncharted world. Because of this, Corporal Purpruff of the Alliance SpecForces carried out both an orbital and surface investigation of an incredibly remote world covered in glaciers, frozen seas, snow fields, and cavern networks. Her reports indicated that Hoth was not only charted and known to smugglers in an unofficial capacity, but it failed to register on multiple navigational records, in addition. These two factors – combined with its easy hyperspace jumps to the Ison Corridor and Corellian Trade Spine, a nearby asteroid field that instantly repelled curious pilots, regular meteor strikes to provide cover for starship traffic, its severe lack of any material or mineral value, and a climate unpleasant to most organics – gave Hoth an inhospitable and unassuming aura.

With all of that being said, however, Hoth needed to facilitate a Rebel Base – not merely act as some sort of cloaking device. Thankfully, Corporal Purpruff made several reassuring discoveries. Firstly, ice palaces large enough to house star freighters were completely invulnerable to sticky mines and other explosives. Secondly, the native and friendly tauntaun populace could be used to haul gear and carry riders. And thirdly, the planet's atmosphere was clean and brisk to Corporal Purpruff and her fellow Gigorans – which is all that matters, really.

In short, Hoth was selected by the Rebel Alliance due to its remote and uninviting nature, yet strong and adaptable terrain. Let me know in the comments below which planet type in Star Wars you personally prefer!

Source(s): Star Wars: The Rebel Files

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