• Mattie Stu

AT-DP Walkers | 60 Second Lore

On today's edition of 60 Lore – as suggested by YouTube users John Kastanos and Champion JUT1N – we'll be taking a look at the Galactic Empire's AT-DP... And it begins in 3, 2, 1!

A direct successor to the AT-RT walker used throughout the Clone Wars, All Terrain Defence Pods were essentially high-speed tanks on powerful legs. Piloted by two Imperial officers – one of whom operated the Kyuzo Maad-38 heavy laser cannon – this particular vehicle found use patrolling the streets of Outer Rim planets, such as Lothal, briefly scouting locations of interest, and thwarting rebel uprisings. Policing to one side, however, AT-DPs were very effective in clearing out squatting farmers from land appropriated for the likes of mines and factories. But that's not to say they were ideal in combat situations. In fact, they were often relegated to defensive roles due to their lack of firepower, especially when compared to the AT-ST. And while All Terrain Defence Pod cockpits appeared to be heavily armoured, they were infamous for exploding under heavy stress. Each pod was also susceptible to direct missile impacts. In essence, they were yet another example of intimidating Imperial weaponry with glaring weaknesses.

So there is a brief overview of perhaps the fastest walker in the Galactic Empire's entire arsenal, the All Terrain Defence Pod. Let me know in the comments below which topic you would like to see covered next in this series!

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