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How the First Order IMPROVED AT-ATs and AT-STs...

As the successor state of the Galactic Empire, it was important for the First Order to understand the mistakes of its predecessor. Part of this learning process was adapting and upgrading legendary Imperial spacecraft, such as the TIE fighter, which we've already covered in a previous video. However, the manipulation of historic land vehicle designs was just as important. Here is every modification the First Order made to AT-ATs and AT-STs...


Dating all the way back to the Clone Wars, All Terrain Armoured Transports were psychological weapons of terror, capable of immense destruction. However, both their targetting systems and weapon recharge rates were in desperate need of an upgrade. And while the armour of First Order walkers weighed no less than their Imperial predecessors, lightweight materials layered in a matrix gave each AT-AT a tougher shell. Other upgrades included a reinforced toe for smashing aside obstacles and increased shin armour – probably for powering through those pesky tow cables!


As for the All Terrain Scout Transports – well, their gyroscopic systems were upgraded for improved stability, and were clad in the exact next-generation armour as their AT-AT cousins. Either modification allowed them to traverse all kinds of terrain in a rapid and agile fashion, making them perfect for reconnaissance missions and as support to anti-personnel search-and-destroy sweeps. And finally, First Order AT-STs could power through most obstacles thanks to footpads tipped with fence-cutting blades.

Despite all of the aforementioned upgrades and improvements, the First Order still chose to deploy their walkers according to long-standing Imperial procedure. For example, the AT-M6s on Crait were assembled in the attack strategy of classic Veers formation. So in essence, the Galactic Empire acted as a solid blueprint for the First Order, giving way to necessary modifications. But which faction's AT-ATs and AT-STs do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

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