• Mattie Stu

Babu Frik | Everything We Know So Far

First, it was Ewoks. Then, it was BB-8. Next it was Porgs. And now it's Babu Frik. Disney, you already have all the money, why do you need all of mine too? He's just so cute, though, isn't he? Look at his tiny little helmet. It makes me broody... for incredibly small, hairy creatures. Wait, what? It also makes me broody for more information. How's that for a transition?! Pretty awful. Anyway, here is Everything We Know So Far about Babu Frik.


Number 03. He's an Anzellan

Oh, do you hear that? That's the sound of a new alien species! But what is an Anzellan, I hear you ask? Erm, good question. Quite honestly, we don't really know. Because they've been created specifically for The Rise of Skywalker, the images of Babu Frik are all we have to go off of. They're small, incredibly small. We do know that. They also look like monkeys. Oh, and they might have a natural gift when it comes to fixing things. In fact...


Number 02. He's a Droidsmith Unlike Any Other

Working as a droidsmith among the Spice Runners of Kijimi, the same group of criminals led by Zorii Bliss, Babu Frik was so good at what he did, he could modify or reprogram almost any droid, regardless of its security measures. If you cast your mind back to Rogue One, then you'll know exactly how useful this ability can be. K-2SO was a regular Imperial security droid until Cassian Andor reprogrammed him. He turned the 7-foot-tall killing machine against the Galactic Empire. Without his help, the Rebel Alliance might have never stolen the Death Star plans, causing a massive chain reaction of what-ifs. Now I'm not saying Frik is going to find a B1 battle droid and make him a world-class chef or something, but he definitely has some involvement with C-3PO. Speaking of which...


Number 01. He's Changing C-3PO

Perhaps the biggest question we have going into The Rise of Skywalker is, “What the hell's going on with C-3PO?” He's gone from the most cowardly character in the entire saga to a potential badass. What, so he's now giving farewell speeches as his eyes glow red like he's some kind of terminator? It's bizarre, for sure, but whether he becomes a ruthless killer or simply gains more confidence, Babu Frik holds the key. In the final trailer, he's clearly seen reprogramming good ole Threepio. So whatever he's up to here, it coincides with the droid's transformation. His entire character ark, in fact, hinges on the little guy's handiwork. If that doesn't make him more important to the plot than you probably first thought, then I don't know what will.


So there is Everything We Know So Far about Babu Frik. Do you think he's as cute as the Ewoks or Porgs? What changes do you think he'll make to C-3PO? Let me know in the comments below!

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