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Every Planet in The Last Jedi | Ranked From Worst to Best

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

As we all know, The Last Jedi primarily focussed on the First Order's steady and excruciatingly slow pursuit of its bitter enemy, the Resistance. This resulted in two key factors. One, an elongated chase scene, perhaps the longest in cinematic history. And two, far fewer locations for our beloved characters to explore than previous Star Wars movies. Merely four planets featured in The Last Jedi, and half of which were already established in its 2015 predecessor, The Force Awakens. So, yeah, this might be the shortest episode of this entire series... But hey, lists aren't going to rank themselves! Anyway, here is every planet in The Last Jedi ranked from worst to best. Beginning with...


Number 04. D'Qar

Of all the planets featured in The Last Jedi, D'Qar suffered from the least amount of screen time. If that wasn't bad enough, the headquarters of the Resistance failed to compare to previous Rebel hideouts, like the iconic Massassi Temple of Yavin 4 or the unforgettable ice chambers that shaped Hoth's Echo Base. I'm not saying the world of lush vegetation wasn't aesthetically pleasing or that its history was something to be scoffed at, I just don't think it quite stands shoulder to shoulder with the aforementioned worlds. Trust me, it's only natural to compare the Resistance to its predecessor and the original trilogy to the sequel trilogy. I will say though, the planetary ring orbiting D'Qar was pretty dope.


Number 03. Crait

On the surface, Crait was rather unassuming and unremarkable. But it's what lay beneath the planet's salty plains that separated it from D'Qar. The juxtaposition of the blinding white crust atop a bed of blood-red crystals resulted in a uniquely stunning visual, one you're not likely to forget. This image alone enhanced the Battle of Crait with the trails left by each ski speeder serving as a stark premonition of the potential bloodshed about to follow. This one characteristic does indeed carry what was essentially a wasteland to third place, but let's not forget its rich history. Firstly, it was scouted by Bail Organa as a potential rebel outpost during the early beginnings of the Rebellion. And secondly, his adopted daughter, Leia Organa, further explored the planet during her mid-to-late teenage years. Oh, almost forgot, crystal foxes... Crystal. Freaking. Foxes!


Number 02. Cantonica

Believe it or not, I originally had Cantonica pencilled in at the number one spot. The reason for it switching places? Not due to its aesthetic, no – I actually think it's one of the most picturesque Star Wars planets, think if Naboo picked up a nasty gambling problem – but rather the fan backlash surrounding Finn, Rose and their seemingly pointless side story. No matter how stunning Canto Bight looked on the silver screen, with its artificial sea, divine architecture, and alluring casino, the isolated world will forever be tainted by the aforementioned mentioned plot, one that conveyed anti-war and anti-animal cruelty sentiments in a not so subtle fashion. It would simply feel unjust having Cantonica fill our number one spot given the negative aura surrounding this wacky and out of place adventure. Also, I don't want angry fans turning up at my door with raised pitchforks. I live in a peaceful town.


Number 01. Ahch-To

Star Wars has certainly been no stranger to watery-worlds. And by that I mean Kamino, Kamino existed... Unlike its dark, stormy, CGI counterpart, however, Ahch-To was nothing short of breathtaking. I mean, sure, it was far from paradise. No offence, Ireland. But don't let the salt spray, cold winds, restless water, giant sea creatures and sometimes violent weather fool you! This peaceful oasis, far removed from the ravages of interstellar war, was so spellbinding and tranquil that Luke Skywalker never chose to leave upon arrival, even selecting the location as his final resting place. More impressively, it was the planet on which the Jedi Order was founded, and was the site of the first-ever Jedi Temple. Because of this, Ahch-To possessed an inherent connection to the Force, both light and dark. The mirror cave, for example, was a natural convergence of energy, strong in the dark side of the Force, that manifested itself on the eastern side of temple island. This, combined with its beauty, rich history, and major role in the film itself makes Ahch-To the number one planet from Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.


And that's our list! Do you agree with today's ranking? Which planet from The Last Jedi would you have placed in the number one spot? Let me know in the comments below!

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