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Jannah | Everything We Know So Far

Ah, yes, Lando Calrissian's daughter. She surely has a massive part to play in The Rise of Skywalker, right? Both her and Finn, who is Lando's son, obviously, will single-handedly destroy the First Order, therefore saving the galaxy from tyranny. End. Of. Video. I'm only joking, of course. She and Finn will probably have nothing to do with the returning Rebel, other than perhaps some shared screen time. But that's not to say Jannah is all rumour and innuendo. In fact, we already know a fair bit about the character thanks to her actress, Naomi Ackie. She's like a quoting machine. With this in mind, I'm Matt from Inside Star Wars, and here it Everything We Know So Far about Jannah.


Number 03. She's a Member of the Resistance

Going by the trailers and some of the still images released thus far, this point might not come as much of a surprise. But in an interview with Total Film, Ackie has revealed some more details, especially when it comes to the film's conclusion:

Jannah is a warrior, and she comes into contact with the rest of the group at a point where they need some help. She is part of the Resistance, and she’s spent a long time acquiring skills that might be helpful when it comes to the big conclusion of the film. So she shows up at the right time.”

More on those skills in a little bit. For now, though, let's concentrate on the so-called “big conclusion”. Clearly, Jannah has a larger role to play in all of this. She doesn't just turn up in one scene only to disappear the next. And this all has to do with her homeworld, Kef Bir. This ocean moon is where the wreckage of the second Death Star fell. It must be neighbours with Endor or something. As someone with good intentions, seeing first hand or hearing about a battle on her own turf, she's not exactly gonna sit back, twiddling her thumbs, is she? Speaking of which...


Number 02. She Can Ride a Space Horse

Orbaks, Matt! They're called Orbaks! To think, I've only just gotten used to calling Fathiers by their real name and not “CGI messes”. Anyway, we know from the same interview with Total Film that Ackie's character isn't some Resistance schmuck, she's the real deal:

I was training for seven months, three times a week, at an amazing horse ranch called The Devil’s Horsemen. By the end of it, I could canter without any hands. I could play catch with balls while on a horse… It’s the best part of the job – you get paid to learn!”

In the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, Jannah looks to be leading an Orbak charge across some kind of ship, possibly a Star Destroyer. To perform such a feat, Ackie needed to be in tip-top horse-riding condition, hence the rigorous training. As it turns out, though, she's not just a capable rider...


Number 01. She's a Total Badass

Riding space horses is one thing– I'm doing it again. Riding Orbaks is one thing, but being able to kill enemies simultaneously is quite another. Thankfully, Jannah can do both. A master of the energy bow, this badass is said to be quite the killer even atop her space hor– I mean Orbak. So legendary are they, in fact, many claim her skills with the weapon are second to none. Combine this with her immense bravery and athleticism in battle, and it's fair to say she wouldn't look too out of place in a Game of Thrones khalasar. So if you're still mad about the Dothraki being entirely wiped out only to later reappear like nothing happened, you'll love the fact one also teleported to an entirely different galaxy! In all seriousness, though, if Jannah handles herself in battle anywhere close to the Dothraki, she's bound to become a fan favourite character. The thought of her leading a band of warriors, doing flips and tricks on an Orbak is tantalising stuff. Fingers crossed she doesn't somehow become another Rose Tico.


So there is Everything We Know So Far about Jannah. Do you think she'll be as badass as she's touted to be? Will us Star Wars fans ultimately despise her? Let me know in the comments below!

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