• Mattie Stu

Top 10 Star Wars | The Rise of Skywalker Predictions

When it comes to predicting things, I absolutely suck. Fantasy football, awful. WWE pay-per-views, which are fixed, somehow trash. The Last Jedi... Let's not got there! So naturally, I'm going to predict ten things about The Rise of Skywalker. What could possibly go wrong?! Seriously, though, I reckon my luck is about to change. It's almost as if I have held J.J. Abrams at gunpoint and ordered him to give up them secrets. Side note, if anyone asks, I did not do that. I mean, I can't possibly violate my parole, can I?! Anyway, I'm Matt from Inside Star Wars, and here are my Top 10 Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Predictions.


Number 10. Captain Phasma Will Return... And Then Die Again

Cast your mind back to 2015, a time where Captain Phasma was touted to be the sequel trilogy's “Boba Fett”. The suckers that we were actually thought she would play a significant role. How wrong we were. Two polarising movies later, with less screen time than Poe's bloody jacket, Phasma has been killed off with as much grace as Bambi on ice. Or has she? It's become a running joke at this point to bring metal woman back only to easily thwart her once more. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility to imagine her somehow surviving certain death, only to kick the bucket once and for all at the hands of Finn. I'm telling you. This guff has Disney's name written all over it!


Number 09. Hayden Christensen Will Return as Anakin's Force Ghost

If you thought Return of the Jedi had its fair share of Force ghosts, then prepare to have your mind blown by The Rise of Skywalker. We know for a fact Luke is coming back in one form or another. Yoda might waltz on in again to advise Rey. Palpatine may come back as some form of Sith spirit. And given the title, you have to assume Anakin will reappear as a milky-blue apparition. It's no secret Disney has been itching at the bit to have Hayden Christensen return to the Star Wars saga. In fact, unused concept art from The Force Awakens had his face meshed with Darth Vader's mask as a sort of hybrid Force ghost. And we already know how much Lucasfilm loves reusing unused concept art. Just go watch Star Wars Rebels if you're unaware. That show is 99.9% Ralph McQuarrie. Let's also not forget Kylo Ren's obsession with his grandfather. Perhaps Anakin rocks up to give him some friendly advice, telling him this whole “dark side thing” is a bit naff.


Number 08. Palpatine Will Return... But As A Voice

So you know what I just said about all the Force ghosts? Well, I can't see about five of them turning up to have a massive brawl. Sure, it would be pretty cool, but it's just not Star Wars, is it? This is why, if we already have Force ghost Luke and Force ghost Anakin, I think Palpatine will merely be a disembodied voice – a soul trapped within the wreckage of the second Death Star. That way you can still have his evil presence try to sway Rey to the dark side, but not take anything away from returning characters who appear in person. I guess you could even have him as a hologram like we saw in Star Wars Battlefront II. Just don't expect him to have as big a role as the trailers have us believe. I think it's a misdirection.


Number 07. Rey Will NOT Turn to the Dark Side

Speaking of misdirections, there is absolutely zero chance Rey will turn to the dark side. I mean, what sense would there be in turning her this late on? Wouldn't The Last Jedi have been as good a time as any? And why would Disney almost confirm this rumour in the various trailers? Isn't that a spoiler? Plus, just think about the merch money! Making the children's most beloved character evil won't exactly inspire more toy sales. Kids don't want to play as evil Rey! This is why, in wrestling, WWE never turned John Cena heel, or “bad”. He was the top merchandise seller, and losing this revenue was unthinkable. At the end of the day, all Disney really cares about is money, your money. And turning the main protagonist into the main antagonist, especially at the very end of the saga, when storylines are supposed to be concluded, just doesn't make any sense.


Number 06. The Jedi Will Return

Remember in Return of the Jedi, when the Jedi... Returned? And do you remember in The Force Awakens, the Jedi were all but extinct? Yeah, that went well, didn't it? Surely their luck is about to change though, as for two entire trilogies now, the ancient order has either been destroyed or clinging on to life in a vegetative state! Episode IX is said to be the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga, meaning good has to triumph over evil. And how does that happen exactly? Yup, you guessed it, Rey restoring the Jedi Order. Remember “broomstick boy” at the climax of The Last Jedi? Don't be surprised to see him and his Force-sensitive buddies rock up as part of Rey's new younglings. If not, then Rian Johnson's masterpiece really did mean nothing, didn't it?


Number 05. Leia Will Swan Off Into the Sunset

December 27th, 2016 – this is the day Carrie Fisher unfortunately passed away. She did so without filming a single scene for The Rise of Skywalker. Given that her character survived the events of The Last Jedi, this was a massive problem. We now know, using unused footage from The Force Awakens and not CGI, J.J. Abrams has managed to include her in Episode IX. This is a remarkable achievement, although it does limit what Leia can and cannot do. She might only have a handful of scenes, as a result, meaning Lucasfilm are more likely to have her hand over command of the Resistance and swan off into the sunset than do much of anything else. Sure, they could always have her killed off-screen or something, but such a send off doesn't really fit a character of her ilk, nor does it seem right given Fisher's recent passing. Plus, a happy ending for at least one of the Original Trilogy's main protagonists seems more than fair, right? We can only hope.


Number 04. Lieutenant Connix Will Lead the Resistance

Speaking of new Resistance leadership, can you possibly think of a more fitting candidate for head honcho than Kaydel Connix? I think not! Unless you don't know who she is, I guess. For those unaware, the actress who portrays Lieutenant Connix is Billie Lourd, otherwise known as the daughter of Carrie Fisher. Now that we're all caught up, wouldn't it make sense for Lourd to succeed her mother, even if their characters don't share a familial connection? And before you say, “What? She's not on that level, Matt, you idiot!” First of all, I prefer the term brainless. And secondly, she featured heavily throughout The Last Jedi in a prominent position of power. I mean, she's a bloody Lieutenant! What more do you want? Mark my words, she's taking over!


Number 03. Kylo Ren Will Kick the Bucket

One of the biggest theories circulating the internet right now pertains to Kylo Ren's redemption. Many out there seem to think the Darth Vader wannabe will wind up becoming the light side yin to Rey's dark side yang. But as we've already established, I don't think Rey is turning! Now I'm not saying Kylo won't toy with the light side once more. In fact, there's a decent chance he'll sacrifice himself or be selfless in some way during his final moments. What I am saying, though, is that one of the two characters is going to kick the bucket, and my money is on Mr. Ren. I'm just not sure how you end the Skywalker Saga with Kylo still hanging around. There isn't much left for his character to do whether he lives or not. What, he'll live the rest of his days as the retired Supreme Leader of the First Order? Or that he'll set up a lemonade stand with Rey to fund the rebuilding of the galaxy? Yeah, seems legit. Kylo Ren isn't making it past the end credits, and if he does, I'll eat my metaphorical hat!


Number 02. Rey Will Finally Be a somebody

Rey is a Skywalker! Rey is a Kenobi! Rey is a Solo! Rey is a clone of Palpatine! Rey is Snoke's left teat! I know, I know – we've heard it all before. Well, maybe not that last one. But to be honest, most of us are sick to death hearing about Rey's parentage. I mean, it's not as if The Last Jedi gave us any closure, right? I think I just heard Rian Johnson weep into his Rose Tico pillowcase. So why on Coruscant would J.J. Abrams re-answer an already answered question? Well, quite simply, he had other ideas in mind. Remember, Abrams co-wrote The Force Awakens, meaning it was partly his idea to leave Rey's parentage up in the air. Why would he make such a big deal about it if they were merely junkers all along? It doesn't make any sense. Admittedly, this is the one prediction I'm not overly confident with. However, Rey is far from a nobody. And if it means pleasing fans for once, then Rey Skywalker/Kenobi/Solo/Palpatine/Snoke's left teat makes all the sense in the world.


Number 01. The Ending Will NOT Be Definite

Yes, the final instalment in the Skywalker Saga will in fact not be the final instalment. I know, I know, everything is pointing towards a definitive ending. But you know, you just know, Disney will return to this storyline at one point or another, probably sooner rather than later. Why? Because money! That's why! Look, it's just the way Hollywood goes. A franchise will disappear for a while or concentrate on different spin-off projects, before eventually coming back to the cash cow, the license to print money. No matter how many anthology movies and completely different trilogies we get, nothing is ever going to be as successful as the Skywalker Saga. So while The Rise of Skywalker will most likely have an ending like Return of the Jedi, where all of the storylines seem wrapped up in a nice little bow, expect Disney to leave a number of dangling questions and mysteries for future instalments. I can just picture it now: another happy ending ruined thirty years later by the reemergence of the New First Order, aka the Galactic Empire-ish. Oh, and of course, they have another Death Star. This time it can destroy entire galaxies... As well as our wallets!


And that's our list! Do you agree with my predictions? What do you think's gonna happen in The Rise of Skywalker? Let me know in the comments below!