• Mattie Stu

What Did Luke Skywalker ACTUALLY Do on Ahch-To?

Updated: May 10, 2019

Luke Skywalker, the cheery chap, ventured to Ahch-To with only one goal in mind... To harvest as much green milk as humanely possible! Of course, I'm only joking. He actually selected the long-forgotten world as his final resting place – which he eventually fulfilled in the dying light of a binary sunset. However, his self-imposed exile and the specific activities he performed throughout were far less documented than his final, epic stand with Kylo Ren. So today I look to correct this matter by explaining Luke Skywalker's hermit lifestyle. Let's do this!


Upon arrival on Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker wasted very little time in severing his connection with the Force. So technically that was the first thing he ever did. But to combat the watery world's unpredictable weather and harsh thunderstorms, he quickly built himself a humble abode. I use the term “built” loosely here as he simply stuck an S-foil from his X-wing onto an ancient, preexisting hovel – one which sat on the island's southern coast. From there, he lived the rest of his days much like his early years on Tatooine – the irony being he always wanted to escape his life as a moisture farmer, not retire as one! Yet he combined his hefty experience with specific skills obtained from his time on Lew'el to become entirely self-sufficient. This included dangerously spearfishing for the likes of fingerlip garpons, twinfin hyacanders and spetan channelfish, intricately weaving weatherproof garments, lighting necessary fires, and – of course – milking thala-sirens! The Jedi master-turned-master of survival became so efficient in what he did, i.e taking advantage of different seasons, times of day and weather conditions, that he was able to harvest absolutely everything he needed from the mysterious island. With such strict routines, however, Skywalker simply had no time, if not interest, in reading his ancient Jedi texts. So if you came here hoping to learn more about his homemade Jedi temple, then I'm sorry to disappoint. But whose to say he never played rare games of tag with the native caretakers... Am I right?!


Now I know not everyone is a massive fan of Luke Skywalker's portrayal in The Last Jedi, so feel free to sound off, as honest or as brutal as you want, in the comments below.